The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Elena Deals With Her Grief In A Hot, But Reckless Way

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February 21, 2013

Stand by Me
Everybody in The Vampire Diaries fandom is wondering if the littlest Gilbert is going to somehow come back from his tragic fate last week. The spoilers are in and promise all will be revealed before episode’s end tonight. Sources also tease that Elena will turn very reckless in her profound grief.

You’ll find out if he’s truly a goner before the next episode ends. But regardless of whether he lives, Elena is going to be in a bit of a state for a while. At times she will seem complete completely numb, while at others she will display a fiery recklessness that leads her to do something she might ultimately regret.Let’s just say Elena invents a new stage of grief to cope with her brother’s apparent passing, and it’s hot.

Who do you think Elena will ultimately regret being reckless with, hit the comments with your thoughts :D

  • elena parker

    i hope she doesn’t cheat on Damon!!

  • Martin Pagon

    She’s hgonna fuck over Damon…. Julie plec hates Damon… we all know this ,just hope that its not with Klaus or Stefan… that’s when I’d draw the line

  • Ella

    If it’s with Klaus, I swear I’ll never watch the show again. I don’t really give a crap about Elena, but I do hope they don’t ruin Klaroline

  • Uncle Jackass

    Brace yourself for some CW OOC hot action…. but I give the benefit of the doubt…

  • seeper

    Tyler lost his entire family too. So who cares about this girl anymore. Let her stay numb and go off a cliff.
    I’m more interested in Bonnie/Silas/Damon storyline.
    And possibly Katherine/ELijah.
    Where was Klaus in this ep. I already miss him.
    So proud of Caroline, this girl has been through alot too, but she’s not being self centered like some other female character on the show.

  • Chitz

    Stefan? It should be Stefan! That is who she is ultimately meant to be with! They NEED to get back together before the show ends…That was the true love, not just the hot passion bad boy thing and sire bond. It won’t be Stefan yet though. Probably will be Elijah!

  • Stormy

    The show seems to be killing off the main characters. What is up with that???……….some shows can handle only having maybe 3 main characters but this one, nope, need more. I just hope they don’t have Elena turning into another kathrine.

  • Rexx

    My money is on Klaus, that’s probably the “Hot Hybrid Sex” they’re talking about.

  • caroline

    You knwo it’s starting to really get on my nerves, the whole Jeremy-thing. I mean, how many times has he already died, and then come back to life through some mysterious event? It’s starting to feel unreal, and unbelievable exactly like the triangle lovestory and, although I like Jeremy, I hop he stays dead for good this time. Sorry. And I agree, Caroline and Klaus and even Katherine are much more interesting characters than Elena.

  • louise

    i agree !! that would be the stupidest ever on this show!!

  • louise

    then what about the sire bond is that gone along with her feelings .. i dont understand it.. i thought that they would kill damon and then bring him like in the books .. i hope that is going to happen.. i love damon and delena.. it would make good televison.. really hope jeremy is coming back maybe as a ghost.. elena is just a selfish bitch everyone has to look out for her.. jeremy will find no peace..

  • louise

    really hope elena kills kathrine at some point..

  • Butterfly15

    I agree about the Elijah thing, I mean he’s supposed to come back so at first he’ll probably think she’s Katherine and ram her up a tree. And then there will be some steamy original sex :)

  • Nesha

    I think the person Elena will regret being reckless with is Matt. That being said I can’t stand Elena. Caroline is my favorite girl on that show, i want Jeremy to return and Alarick too, the show wont be the same with out Jeremy… I can’t believe she burnt the house with his body inside. The show surronds magic so there has to be a way to bring him back. The writers can’t just kill a main character like that. It’s wrong.