The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Elena Copes With Her Breakup, While Jeremy Acquires A New Target

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November 28, 2012

Jeremy’s new Hunter’s mark and legacy are all the buzz on The Vampire Diaries lately. TV Line has the scoop on what’s next for the youngest Gilbert. Take a guess who the newest vampire hunter’s first target is?

Hint: His/her name has five letters. And one of those letters is “a.” Bonus Scoop: Watch this Thursday’s episode live. And West Coasters, steer clear of Twitter — particularly the trending topics. Trust me.

In other TVD spoilers Elena will be coping with her breakup from Stefan in a very unexpected way. Here’s what we know, via TV Guide.

Though it may make some fans happy. The big question now becomes: Why? Are Elena’s intentions pure?

  • Vics

    His/Her name has five letter and one of those is “a”? Klaus? No, Jeremy is not stupid! Damon? Again, he wouldn’t do that! Elena???