‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: Delena Moments Remembered, Plus The Tyler/Klaus Issue

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July 26, 2012

Everyone in The Vampire Diaries universe has been chomping at the bit to know when exactly Elena will remember all those special moments that Damon has compelled away over the seasons. The October 11th premiere, “Growing Pains”, will bring at least one of those memories flooding back.

In the premiere episode Elena will remember a very important moment from Season 2: when Damon told her he loved her. But unlike past flashbacks we’ve seen, Elena doesn’t realize right away that she’s watching a memory from the past rather than experiencing a moment in the present.

Micheal Trevino weighed in on his new role as Klaus, what is in store for Tyler and when exactly we’ll get to see Tyler again.

I’m playing Klaus and I would like to think that it goes on for a few episodes but I think the run as Klaus might end sooner rather than later. I gotta try not to play or mimic Joseph Morgan. He’s a great actor, but more so, Klaus is just a badass, and you can’t touch a guy that’s the strongest, most powerful hybrid in our universe. And if I just play that out, it should come across. Tyler is going to end up going through a , but I think eventually Tyler will come back into Tyler’s body and we should be all good. There’s going to be a lot of action, a lot of blood. Maybe some bullets, maybe some stakes. But at the end of the day Tyler’s shirtless a good amount of the time.

Source: TV Guide
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  • louise

    its time to give us delena fans something to be happy about :D

  • Andy Ass

    Its just a shame that we will never get Human Elena reactions to finding out what Damon compelled her.

  • Poseidon1299

    Yeah it is a shame, but then when she ha those flashbacks, those true I love you and you love me moments, maybe she will realize that she and Damon are the ones who should be together.

  • rk212005

    its about time they stopped playing tug o war with elena stefan needs someone whos not going to fall for someone else like her grandmother did!

  • rk212005

    stefan needs to be with someone whos going to be wth him forever elena is just going to go back and forward and just because shes a vampire too doesnt mean this should last forever eventually some one has to put their foot down and say enough just pick already for real this time make ur chioce!!!!!

  • rk212005

    its not fair to stefan and its not fair to damon

  • rk212005

    and as for caroline saying shes to smart to be suduced by klaus well honey the JOKES ON U

  • rk212005

    hes in tylers body and if the shirts go flying well reguradless of klaus being in tylers body u got fooled and u cheated!

  • rk212005

    but im sure she would have to be smart enoguh to ask questions first tyler right? like i dk like how the hell is tyler still alive and most of the stuff the fake tyler said to her in that cave it should have made caroline realize hey wait a mintue the tyler i know would never say anything like that so what gives?

  • rk212005

    and then she should think back who would say something like that? oh i know KLAUS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531925506 Adrianna Josie Aiello

    Sadly I don’t think Delena will end up together. I think the writers on the show will leave it open ended in the series finale or have elena choose stefan. Though I think the original author of the VD books had planned for it to be Delena in the end. I just wish they would give us a good solid season of Delena together, just one so I could just watch the episodes on repeat :)