The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Daniel Gillies Teases Elijah’s Return This Week!!

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March 24, 2013

American Gothic
The Vampire Diaries fan favorite Elijah returns this week in “American Gothic”. Daniel Gillies and Julie Plec both have a tease for the highly anticipated Original reunion.

“There’s been a lot of talk about what I’m returning for and to do,” Daniel Gillies says. The episode’s synopsis simply states that Elena has a “surprising encounter” with Elijah in Pennsylvania, where she and Rebekah are headed in their search for Katherine and the cure. “All I can say is tune in,” Gillies says, “because Elijah’s gonna shock and possibly even horrify a few. In fact, I’ll say he’s gonna horrify many. But franky, I don’t care. I think what he’s doing is wonderful.”

Exec producer Julie Plec is even more vague: “The first glimpse of Elijah, your heart explodes, you’re so happy to see him. And he is quintessential Elijah, dressed in his beautiful suit with his lovely demeanor, and, as always, trying to find ways to keep Klaus in his place and keep his family together.”

  • michelle

    I know this has nothing to do with Elijah’s return, but anyone else thought of the fact that the White Oak Stake is impossible to destruct, and somehow Silas managed to break it off in Klaus’s back? I’m guessing that was one of Silas’s many tricks, making Klaus believe he had the Stake and making him feel like a piece of it is stuck in his back. Silas probably doesn’t even have it, he’s just very capable of fu**ing with people’s minds and giving them these insane and real felt hallucinations, or something??

  • martha adair

    Good theory! But the promo looks like Caroline is removing some of the white oak stake.

  • seeper

    I just love that someone bad is messing with Klaus. It gets boring when he’s the only villian. LOL

  • seeper

    Let me guess, Elijah kisses Elena and confesses his love?
    Dude, get in line.

    If it was Katherine or any other female, it would have been interesting for a future crossover storyline.
    But with Elena, it’s just redundant and predictable.

  • michelle

    How about him kissing Elena, when he really thinks his confessing his love to Katherine? Elena was going to imitate Kath this episode right?

  • michelle

    he’s *

  • michelle

    No, it doesn’t .. Klaus has some kind of scratches on his back,, him thinking the stake is in there and trying to reach it would explain those as well. You don’t actually see the white oak stake in his back at any point. And if it can’t be destroyed, Silas can’t destroy it either…

  • uttam

    u did get it ryt michelle