The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Conner’s Arrival, Bonnie’s Path Back To Magic, Plus Much More!

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October 14, 2012

The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec has some post premiere spoilers to pass along, now that season 4 is officially underway. Plec reveals juicy details about Bonnie’s path back to magic, new baddie Conner, the Hybrid triangle and original drama.

Bonnie caused the death of her Grams (again). How will she recover from that?
Julie Plec:
She doesn’t deal with it because she can’t do any magic. So first she has to let herself grieve, which is what happens in the second episode. Then, when we return to her in the fourth episode, it’s about whether it’s possible to get her magic back in a healthy way.

Does David Alpay’s character help her with this?
She meets the new professor, the professor who took over for her Grams when she passed away, and he’s an expert in the occult and in witchcraft. He’ll take on a very clear interest in her as a mentor and she’ll finally find someone who understands her, who she could talk to and he’s going to help her try to heal.

The new vampire hunter Connor begins his arc on Thursday. What can you say about him?
The first thing our heroes realize when the hunter comes to town is that for a human he’s really freakin’ good at being a hunter. It puts them all off a bit, like, we’ve dealt with guys like you before, but there’s something different about you. The question of what is different about him, why is he able to deeply, darkly hunt and kill vampires, what drives him, what’s his history, what do other people know about his history and those sequences start to unfold as we get to the flashback in Episode 4.

Caroline and Tyler were reunited, but Candice Accola told us their road won’t be easy. Does Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) get in their way?
Caroline and Tyler have an incredibly strong bond. They’ve been through a lot, but circumstances make each of them have a legitimate reason to be concerned. Tyler’s always concerned about Klaus’ interest in Caroline and Caroline is still a teenage girl, albeit the baddest-ass vampire in town, but she’s still jealous and insecure when it comes to other women. With Hayley’s arrival into town, it seems pretty clear there’s a history there and Caroline [has] to get to the bottom of what that history was and what it means for her relationship with him. What Klaus has to say about it when he catches wind of it is fun too.

Klaus and Rebekah had a pretty big blow-up at the end of the episode. Who can they lean on now that they’re at odds?
Rebekah, no matter how angry she gets at her brother, is always there for him, but she’s now all alone without a friend in the world going back to high school as Public Enemy No. 1. She’s screwed. Klaus, who of course wants nothing more deep down inside his twisted little heart than to feel good about his family and have a family, is also left floating on an island of his own and so he seeks out partnership in strange forms as well.

Any tease for Episode 2?
[Elena] does something unintentionally hurtful to Stefan and has to then deal with the repercussions of that.

Source: TV Guide

  • rita kasparian

    omg wow klaus spying on caroline because shes jealous of tylers friend who is a girl who helped tyler and yet he didnt tell caroline about Hayley is so interesting

  • rita kasparian

    i bet klaus is going to have alot of fun with spying on caroline while shes trying to figure out whats the truth about tyler and Hayley

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    Klaus and Caroline are perfect for eachother!!
    Tyler can be with Hayley. ;)

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  • rita kasparian

    if caroline can forgive klaus and also go to the dark side like the spoilers said maybe she will be with klaus ?

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