The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Can Caroline Stand By Her Man

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December 6, 2012

On today’s The Vampire Diaries bite, courtesy of TV Guide, Julie Plec spoils that Caroline will be super conflicted about Tyler’s hybrid revolution. Can Caroline stand by her man, even if it means great sacrifice…You tell us fans!! Hit the comments below with your thoughts and tune in tonight for, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.

  • rita kasparian

    ok well ths isnt going to end well at all

  • rita kasparian

    i see this not going good at all and tonights episode just means that caroline and tyler are going to have prloblems and in the mid season episode like the spioler said caroline will have to choose and after everything thats happened i seriously dont think she will pick tyler

  • rita kasparian

    next week

  • rita kasparian

    it looks like caroline picked klaus no matter how many times they say that caroline loves tyler tyler loves caroline but in the end of it all something is going to go wrong and some one is going to pay the price caroline should take klaus offer and leave town with him become the sacrifice and leave tyler forever shes better off with out him and hes better off with out her

  • Jemma

    I think that Caroline may end up being killed! I would love her and klaus to be together but I think something is going to go wrong with Klaus and Tyler or fighting and she is going to get hurt aka die.

  • louie

    i cant figure out who is going to die, really there are so many great characters dead all ready.. damon, elena and stefan is of course saved- in my opinion stefan should leave town he is just in the way:D im kidding.. caroline is a possibility but who is then stefans friend, and bonnie would go crazy, im also thinking how much more can elena handle if one she loves dies again, its really impossible to loose so many in not even two years. tyler is also an possibility. i cant imagine that someone else would die.