The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Break-up’s, Hook-up’s, Death & More In 2014!!

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December 11, 2013

Death and the Maiden
Even though The Vampire Diaries will be going on a brief hiatus for Christmas, it doesn’t stop the spoilers for 2014. Everyone’s been speculating on whether Caroline and Stefan will have a love connection and I have some bonus scoop that will help answer that query. I also have a bit of a mystery for my fellow TVD fans, two of the items below are true and one is false.

In the next batch of episodes… 1) There will be a major breakup; 2) A fan-favorite character will say goodbye for good and 3) Someone will pull a body switcheroo. Hit the comments with which number you think is the lie!

Bonus Scoop

Stefan will be spending a lot more time with Katherine, as they help each other in their darkest moments. Meanwhile, Caroline will have her hands busy with someone else very soon.

Source: TV Guide

  • smurf?stnbr?

    1 is the lie…well i hope it is because if two ppl are gna break up then its probably gna be damon and elena i love them together….so i hope that 1 is the lie

  • Mar Tim

    Noooo breakup Delena

  • Beth1957

    Probably Katherine will find a way to get into Elena’s body so she can be with Stefan. That’s my prediction.