The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Bonnie’s Surprising Turn!

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January 29, 2013

EOnline caught up to The Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham, and she had a huge spoiler to share. The lovely Graham teases Bonnie’s surprising turn and who it will affect.

“I can tell you that Bonnie is going to take a different turn and is going to make some choices that are going to affect the rest of the characters. It’s really, really huge,” Graham teases.

  • michelle

    Did anyone else here read the 4×14 spoilers/rumors? That Damon might die?!?
    Obviously, it’s not been confirmed,, but still, it freaks me out…
    I mean, if he dies he WILL come back, of course. And it will probably break the sire bond as well..
    I’m guessing (if there is a slight chance that these absurd and scary rumors are in fact true) that he will be killed by that new hunter Vaugh (I mean, Ian Somerhalder did post a picture of Damon lying in a cave or something, and that one picture of his ring in the sand) but they wake Silas and he brings him back, but as a human(?) Omg… I need to stop searching for spoilers on google…….

  • louise

    i feel the same way now episode till 4×14 doesnt effect me as much because im looking too see this episode really bad .. im about to go crazy:)

  • ana

    you know, i’m thinking they will make elena and stefan to be a couple again, like nothing had happened. it’s the most cruel thing they can do with damon character. I think that its enough, they make him suffer with a cause. In my opinion, all the bag things Stefan do if forgiven, but Damon continue to suffer for his bad choices…its not fair

  • Carlos.

    It would be totally sick to put Elena back with Stefan. Elena doesn’t love him anymore she said it to his face and she slept with Damon. Stefan slept with Rebekah, the girl who caused the death of his”epic love”! Stefan and Elena makes no more sense!! We all know Damon will die at some point of the story, but he will come back!! It doesn’t matter what they do, Damon and Elena’s love Is too powerful to just sweep it under the rug. Damon’s death and his “resurrection” will only prove that there love has been real all this time, something we Delenas know since season 3!! And even If Stefan and Elena get back together It will never be the same, he can never love her for who she Is now, and even If they find the cure Elena Is not that same girl she was the day she died In the bridge. Lets face it, in the end Delena will be endgame <3

  • michelle

    Yeah, totally agree with you there.. After all, when Stefan went all murderish and ripper-ish(?) she didnt give up on him, even though he was an ass and did everything to push her away,, and when he found out she was sired to Damon he jumped straight to bed with Rebekah, gave up on her and quickly became this other person.. Like Damon said, he likes her either way, and even when she was together with Stefan, Damon supported her and helped her. So after all, he is the only one who never stopped being there for her, and loving her no matter what.
    I think the producers know that they’ll lose 3/4 of their viewers if its not Delena endgame..

  • Guest

    I think Damon is going to die and come back. It happens in the book too.

  • seeper

    Just keep Stefan free of that hypocrite Elena and I’ll be happy.

  • Ritz

    I love how this is is supposed to be about Bonnie and everyone is talking about Delena…like there aren’t enough Delena articles to go comment on. Bonnie should tell the trio to shove it and do her own thing.

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    I am really liking Bonnie this season! She has really come into her own, by learning to stand up for herself. I don’t know about the ‘expression’ magic, whether it’s good, bad, or in between. Her new found independence is refreshing and I like the subtle chemistry that has re-surfaced between her and Jeremy. Thanks for reading and posting :)!!

  • sam

    elena should end up alone! shes so annoying! both boys deserve better and im so over that story line! bring more caro, bonnie and klaus storylines!