The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Bonnie’s Dad Steps Up Big Time In Season 4

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October 17, 2012

vampire diaries season 4 poster of Bonnie
Recently, I spoiled that The Vampire Diaries was casting the role of Rudy Owens, a protective parent that will premiere in episode 10. Fans and sources have speculated that Rudy is Bonnie’s off screen father. Well, to serve up a little extra dish, we have acquired some more intel about Rudy’s character. Here’s what they revealed :D

  • Rudy has been away from Mystic Falls too long and is worried about Bonnie’s safety and future.
  • Rudy is tired of burying his head in the sand and wants to make things right between himself and Bonnie.
  • Rudy also has an intense chat with Bonnie’s new mentor, Professor Shane.
  • Rudy makes it very clear to Shane that he doesn’t trust him and knows about his past missteps at his previous college.
  • Rudy, a Whitmore College Board member, also threatens to have Shane’s job if his intentions with Bonnie are anything other than academic, leaving Shane completely blindsided.

Source: Spoilers Guide – The Vampire Diaries

  • Nick

    This is really exciting information, especially after seeing where this season starts! I stopped watching about halfway through last season until a coworker at DISH told me that I needed to catch up. I’m not going to make that mistake again, which is why my Hopper is going to record every episode this season, so I won’t miss anything, and I will still have room for the rest of my shows to record. Bonnie has a lot to redeem for, herself, so having somebody in the picture that also needs to make something right will probably help her.

  • Emma Johnson

    I can’t wait. It’s about time Bonnie had someone who would stick up for her, and the scene between Professor Shane and Rudy sounds AWESOME! ASKSAIK;A. I’m excepting great things from Bonnie this season, and hope that her character wont be put on the back burner (AGAIN). I love her :D <3

  • Linda

    OMG a have waited so long for this day YES Bonnie ‘s Dad is Finally going to be shown on the show and be apart of Bonnie ‘s on TV Life and Be a dad on TVD for Bonnie Its about time Welcome HOME . I would LOVE to see Bonnie and Rudy out and about doing family things and Talking. Rudy Putting his Foot down and Helping / Knowing about Magic at some Point on the show .Rudy & Abby talking about Bonnie . Rudy with the other Parents of the Group . Rudy Rudy Rudy Yes Bring all it on I want to see it all

  • Keke

    I’m not jumping for joy until I see some on screen proof of what’s going down with this situation. Spoilers may seem…okay…but in Bonnie’s case you can never get excited about them until you see them unfold on screen. If they will show all these events on screen or if you’ll just hear about them from Bonnie or from someone else. And I’m hoping this shane thing isn’t a flop because Bonnie needs one solid relationship. Same goes with Rudy. Took FOUR seasons to see her father? FOUR? That’s nuts.