The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Back Door Pilot For An Original Spin-off, Starring Joseph Morgan & Phoebe Tonkin

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January 13, 2013

When the Original family hit Mystic Falls, they were an immediate sensation, with Joseph Morgan’s character Klaus, proving to be too delicious to kill off The Vampire Diaries. As the Originals began to show their layers, Executive Producer Julie Plec brought in more awesome with Daniel Gillies as Elijah and Claire Holt as Rebekah. Since the Originals inception, the TVD family hit Twitter and forums jokingly calling for an Original’s spin-off series. Well, now it looks like that dream may manifest after all and according to Deadline the CW is seriously considering the possibility with a back door pilot set for April 25th, titled The Originals. This exciting installment will be penned by it’s creator, Julie Plec, and will star Joesph Morgan as Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley. If the potential series is picked up, Plec would write and executive produce, along with Alloy Entertainment’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo for Alloy, Warner Bros TV and CBS TV Studios. No word yet if Vampire Diaries Co-creator & EP Kevin Williamson will have a hand in the Original series.

The Originals would be set in the French Quarter of New Orleans and center around the Original family of vampires. Vampire Diaries fans will meet new character, Marcel, one of Klaus’ diabolical protege’s. As tight lipped as Plec can be when she wants, sources speculate the back door pilot will likely focus on The Big Easy, Klaus and Marcel in some way. The likelihood that fellow Originals, Rebekah, Elijah and Kol will be featured in the new series has yet to be spoiled. Considering the CW’s stunning success with their flagship series, The Vampire Diaries, this new endevour may already be a hit in the eyes of TVD’s ridiculously loyal fanbase, as well as the network.

So tell me family, would you tune in for a Vampire Diaries spinoff all about The Originals?

  • Carlos.

    This would be so epic!

  • Ev

    Yeah! <3

  • Annemarie Hill

    Yep I would :)

  • Delena8D

    Yes! Klaus and Elijah are freaking gorgeous!

  • Nina

    Yeas! Kol is so awesome!

  • Lori


  • lubeans

    i wud totlly wnt 2 watch it………since joseph morgan is in it…i just hope they even put candice accola as klaus’s love interest……since im a huge vampire fan, i bet this show is gottng 2 be as amazng as the vampire diaries……….

  • Sandcat63

    I would watch it in a heartbeat (pun not intended)!

  • troson

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First of all,we are waiting for a klaus-caroline thing and then klaus belongs to TVD..he is our best villain and stefan’s best friend let’s say..and now that alaric is gone..damon’s NO WAY!

  • Andy

    1)No Klaus in TVD – YES!
    2)A new show staring Phobe and make Claire – YES!

    Make it happen.

  • seeper

    OMG!!! The Originals are the only good thing on TVD right now.
    Forget TVD, I’d watch this new show just to get my weekly dose of Elijah and Kohl.

  • seeper

    i’d love to see leighton meester (blair from gg) on this show as a sexy vamp

  • Rexx

    Id give it a go! Why not, right?! It can actually be good.

  • Aoife

    But…but….no more Klaus on TVD..? :(

  • KlausandCarolinedreamer

    That would mean that my Klaroline dream wouldn’t come true!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! I mean YES but with Caroline. I don’t really want Klaus to leave the show! What will there be left with out him and the rest …. and if they’re not sure if Rebekah will be there – what will happen to her? Or, will she die? What will the Origials be without her??? UGH = THAT’S CONFUSING NEWS!