‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: A Tough Season 4 For Matt And Damon

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July 19, 2012

Our Mystic Falls resisdents will have some major adjusting to do once The Vampire Diaries returns in October. More than one of our favorite characters will be having a really tough year, including Damon.

“Matt’s going to have a tough year. I’m not kidding you, Matt’s going to have a really tough year. I feel bad for Matt,” Ian Somerhalder warns of Damon’s feelings toward Mystic Falls’ No. 1 quarterback/busboy after learning that Stefan chose to save him over Elena.

Damon compelled Elena to forget key moments, including the fact that he was the first Salvatore brother she met. Unfortunately, this revelation won’t suddenly make her change her mind, executive producer Julie Plec says, noting that Damon will be on the outs with both Elena and Stefan in the premiere. “He’s actually feeling alone and how he starts to fill that void will be part of his journey as we go forward this season,” Plec says. “He needs a new drinking buddy.”

Source: EOnline, TV Guide