‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: A Time For Family, Evolution & Adjustment In Season 4

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June 4, 2012

The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec attended a panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin this past weekend where she spoiled several teases about the October series return. Plec teased a time for family, friends, evolution and adjustment for season 4, starting with the bond between Stefan and Caroline.

“I always look at Caroline as Stefan’s future Lexi,” Plec revealed enthusiastically. “You’ve seen little pockets of a friendship spark between them, and I see Caroline in the long run of the series becoming that important in Stefan’s life.”

Elena’s vampire transition will be what brings Stefan and Caroline closer as friends and allies.

Plec explained, “Caroline is an acolyte of the Stefan school of sobriety so to speak, so she’s going to be all, ‘I’m with you buddy, I’m on your team’ as they try to help Elena [Nina Dobrev],”.

However, Plec also revealed that even though Caroline would be busy, her and Matt will have moments of chemistry.

“I think Caroline and Matt [Zach Roerig], in the long run of the series, will have another moment.”

Here are a few more juicy tidbits to sustain your TVD withdrawels ;)

“As long as Jeremy can see ghosts and Alaric is out there in the universe, then there’s a window there,” Plec said. “The moment in the end of the finale when he shows up broke every rule in the book, but I didn’t care. For us it was more important for us to give Matt Davis and Alaric that last goodbye to say, ‘Yes, he was the bad guy for the last few episodes, but here he is in that Obi-Wan kind of way.’”

Bonnie’s Dad

“It’s time!” Plec said when we asked about Daddy Bennett’s arrival. “This year is a big year of transitions. It’s the end of senior year, and there’s a rich home life for everybody we’re going to explore.”

Plec skated around the love triangle, focusing more on Damon’s 3 seasons of growth.

“This ["162 Candles"] is a reminder that Damon is a character that started in a very dark place, but with a lot of love and emotion brewing under him,” Plec said. “All of our characters, including his own brother, had to witness his evolution as a person and he has done some really extraordinarily sh—y things, but he has also done them in the name of love, pain, abandonment, self-preservation, survival and family. He’s going to keep evolving and Elena’s feelings for him are going to continue to evolve.”

Season 4 will make viewers scream!

Writer Jose Molina, who was also on the panel, perhaps gave the most agonizing tease. “We have the road map for next season and before we broke for vacation, I was staring and looking at everything we have planned and this stupid grin spread over my face,” he said. “I was like, ‘They are going to s—.’ Already we have so many moments where people are going to freak.”

Joseph Morgan as Klaus in the season 4 premiere

“I actually can’t say,” she said. “We haven’t broken [down] the script yet, so it remains to be seen how long we’ll play Tyler as Klaus.”

Source: TV Fanatic , TV Guide

  • A_softsong

    1. Stefan will lean on Caroline during Elena’s transition:  Caroline is Elena’s friend so of course she
    will be there for Elena. Stefan leaning on Caroline is a bit much.  Caroline is the one that will need the
    comforting, her best friend is now a vampire. Caroline knows that pain.

    2. A possible rekindling for Caroline and Matt: Rekindle
    what? Tyler and/or Klaus kill him. Caroline is their girl.

    3. Bonnie’s dad will finally be introduced: Save it! One
    episode at the graduation is all that we’re in for. I doubt it will be any more
    than a 10 second after thought filler.

    4. Will Joseph Morgan be back as Klaus in the season
    premiere? He’d best come back. The last time I watched the show it was not
    billed as a comedy.

    5. Alaric (Matt Davis) could definitely return:  Come back as Jeremy’s guidance counselor in
    his mad revenge scheme.

    6. Damon’s evolution will continue: The question is evolving
    into what? My favorite character couldn’t look any worse.  Damon was made to look like the biggest back
    stabbing fool on television. Respect for Damon lasted until Elena made the
    phone call.  She chose Stefan and that is
    that. What is he pining/evolving for now? Move on. And who cares if Elena’s feelings for Damon evolve in the future.  Queue
    music: http://youtu.be/vc6vs-l5dkc

    7. Season 4 will make viewers scream: No need to wait until the season starts,  I am already screaming. 

  • Nicollecairney26

    how could i see the episodes early im missing it alreadt tvd all the way lol but defo delena xx

  • :D

    HAHA The last one is so true!

  • Ncis

    My favorite charchter is Damon too. He is the hottest. I hope Elena goes to Damon.

  • Ncis

    Totally Agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410204293 Kyliemarie V. Parke

    Stefan and Caroline relationship; i am not looking forward too at all; i believe it should be Klaus and Caroline and no other; but that is me. Damon evolving is amazing; i truly hope that ELENA and DAMON get together; Stefan and Elena are boring and simple; DAMON and ELENA; challengeing; fast moving; the realistic challenges people face in real life with LOVE; the ups and downs; the denial of chemistry and decisions to go for it and finding that ever changing love….:)

  • L High

    Love tvd

  • Delena8D

    I have one question  When is Damons birthday?? because they has been and episode for Stefan’s ,Elena’s, and Carolines So whens Damon’s?!?!?!