‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoiler Scoop: Damon Will Be Naked With…

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February 8, 2012

It’s been revealed that The Vampire Diaries Damon will be waking up naked next to hot vamp and speculation has pointed toward Original Barbi Klaus, Rebekah~Claire Holt. However, TV Guide has just spoiled that Smallville’s Cassidy Freeman, just recently cast as Sage, will be appearing on TVD sooner rather than later.

“Expect her to be pretty badass,” Freeman tells us. We’ll meet her character, Sage, in the “1912″ episode where she’ll find herself in some, ahem, compromising positions. There have been all those “naked Damon” teases.

What do you think TVD Family? Will Damon be getting frisky with Rebekah, or Sage?

  • the originals<333333


  • Karenina

    Who is Sage??

  • Befham

    I read somewhere that we have already met the vamp..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001887377062 Jasmijn Lyppens

    Well in the books it’s Damon’s best friend. And he’s a guy. So i’m guessing she and Damon will be like Friends with Benefits of something. I hope he will sleep with Sage in a flashback and not with Rebekah in present day! Delena Forever!

  • Stelena <3

    I don’t care as long as it’s not Elena ever!!

  • Lovedanezu4ever

    I think it’s sucks.Sorry.I wish that Damon would be with Elena.Not with someone else.Bleah. It’s gonna ruin the show

  • Fireaven

    Awesome! Elena will never be truly there with Damon… Stefan will always be in the back somewhere.. I like Damon too much for that1

  • Rachel

    One of the cast members/writers/producers…somethin lol…said somewhere that it’s some one we are familiar with. So we’ve met them before….so I don’t think it’s her. If they do sleep together in the flashback, then he’s sleepin with some one else in the present. Which I don’t doubt. Cause it’s Damon lol.

  • JackieLively

    I love sexy Damon! I’m so tired of him whining over Elena and screwing his brother over.
    I miss the old Damon. Rebekah is hot.
    Don’t know about Sage, but I can’t wait to see Damon in the past.

  • DELENA<3

    Yeah, I agee. But I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen, probably Damon is rejected by Elena or something (since it sucks that she doesn’t have the guts to admit that she has feelings for Damon). I bet Damon is going to be like super crushed. I mean, there has to be a BIG reason why Damon would sleep with someone else, since he is closer than ever to Elena.  

  • Delena<3

    Second that. 

  • rk212005

    sage is going to wake up next to him relax elena hurt damons feeling

  • rk212005

    the new vampire from episode 16 is coming and shes going to seeing damon again we might see flash backs tatia however her name is spelled might show up to