Spoiler Round~up: Julie Plec Dishes On Naked Damon, Delena, Stelena And Much More

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January 6, 2012

The Vampire Diaries returned last night with a bang, or should I say kiss ;) Well, whatever you liked best, next week’s episode is shaping up to be even better and I have a fabulous spoiler round-up to share straight from EP Julie Plec. Plec teases Delena, Stelena, Coffins and more.
“Our Town” opens to a very naked Damon.

“He’s got a reason to be in a good mood when we come back next week. We start the episode with him in the shower starting his day off with a smile.”

Free Will, What?!

“Tyler thinks he has free will and is starting to fully realize that that might not be so true. That plays out over the next couple of episodes. The consequences of him thinking he actually has a say in his own destiny are pretty tragic and definitely shake up his world and make his relationship with Caroline very compromised. But, you know, he’s got to learn a lesson and realize, Oh god, maybe this gratefulness to Klaus isn’t as good as I thought it was.”

1 Coffin, 2 Coffins, 3 Coffins, 4?!

“We are to make no assumptions about anything. [Laughs] We are to wonder what could be in that coffin. Because if you do the math, there’s one more coffin than there is remaining siblings of the Original family.”

Tragic Stefan and Elena Moments

“In next week’s episode, Stefan goes to such terrible extremes to make his point and to get Klaus to back down. It’s really devastating what he does, and it really cuts right to the core of his love story with Elena. It’s a big Stefan-and-Elena relationship episode in that you get a sense of how tragic and sad it is that such a great love has been ripped apart as a result of everything that Klaus has done.” Plec goes on to say, “Oh, that scene is very real and very hard on Elena. The one thing that Stefan always protected for her was her choice, and here he is, threatening to take it away.”

Goodbye, Jeremy…At least for now.

“A solid source assures us that Jeremy (McQueen) will be seen again on the show soon, and although he may be off the series for a little while, he will not be gone forever.”

Source: EOnline, EW

  • Ann

    I just KNEW that Jer wasn’t going off the show forever

  • Vampire diaries <3

    What about Delena? :/

  • Julie

    In the fourth coffin may be Klaus´mother or the original Petrova

  • jo

    ok whoever said there was an extra coffin is wrong. in one of the episodes when Elysia was talking he said there were 7 brothers and sisters. one was mald by a werewolf when Klaus took him to see the men change to beasts,one is Klaus himself, and one is Rebeka so that leaves 4.

  • Jo

    ok he may have meant there were 7 originals all together. i guess that would put the father at 7 and leave one extra coffin. i think it might be that original patrova.

  • Kristine

    @Jo: there is one extra coffin, why els would it be locked? There should be 5 if they had brought Rebekahs coffin when they woke her.. But Elijah said their mother bore 7 children: One died a plague (I think), Niklaus (Klaus), Elijah, Rebekah Henric (the one who was mald by a werewolf), Finn and Kol. So that leaves 3 coffins for Elijah, Finn and Kol. Seeing as he usually have his family in coffins he should have brought Rebekahs too, but probably didn’t think he needed it or Stefan didn’t bother to take it. Seeing as one of the coffins are locked by magic. It could be the mother, but seeing as she is a ghost I highly doubt it. The most logical guess so far would be the original Petrova. A popular theory is that both Klaus and Elijah had a thing for her (Another one in a brother triangle, seems it’s a regular thing for the Petrova girls), and that would explain why Klaus would carry her around. Waiting for a day when he can find a way to bring her back, yet the fact that there is a love interest for Klaus on the way (someone catches his eye) would deminish the everlasting love thing :P But seeing as this is TVD everything is possible :P

  • A_softsong

    The New
    Deal could not have been better.  I love
    how Damon turn walked back and kissed Elena. 
    He left the girl speechless.  LOL   1. Where
    is the necklace?   2. Who has it? It is
    not on Rebecca, I checked. I am still hoping that Elena and Damon end up
    together regardless of what is in the books. I am looking forward to Bonnie
    becoming a very strong witch and solving the issue of Klaus terrorizing Mystic Falls.
    I hope she is the one that is going to seal him alive, aware and immobile in
    that coffin for all time. Klaus shed’s a few tears for his selfish losses but,
    he cares for no one that is not serving him, not even his family.

  • Lakum

    Waiting for next weeks Elena & Stephen episode, I’m have enough of evil Stephan & the cheapening of the relationship by the tempting but truly selfish & careless Damon. If the writers get Damon & Elena together the show has really lost its zing factor. They have pushed Stefan so far I don’t know if I can like or respect him again. As for Elena’s character, she is so strong & to make her seem so vulnerable & weak & helpless as to make her kiss Damon so early in the show was a mistake. I can’t stand Damon all he has done is kill or hurt everyone close to Elena & how the hell (irrespective of what happens with Stefan) How can she forgive & forget all that he’s done to her. The writers need to bring back the love between Stefan & Elena and have a lesson to be learned for Damon. I can’t understand how so many ppl. want Damon to be with her after all the horrible things he has done for his own amusement do ppl. have mass amnesia?

  • Lena

    Me too, I REALLY hope this show takes a different turn from the books.

  • Lena

    I REALLY hope this show takes a different turn from the books, I
    want Delena to happen so bad. I mean I know it won’t be a straight
    bumpless road but at least their love seems genuine, with Damon making
    real sacrifices and just being there for her, I think it’s important
    they take into consideration all the changes Damon has done for Elena. I
    know in the books it’s always Stefan, but to me the books were
    disappointing in each end, it seemed like it was a neverending teasing,
    never giving the reader what they wanted. I mean after all, without the
    readers there’d be no book sequels, and certainly not even a show. We
    all love Damon and we think HE should get the chick. After all, all
    Stefan ever wanted was redemption. I say at the end he should get his
    mortality back and go on to live the rest of his life as he pleases, and
    Delena should spend their existences together.

  • Lena

    Kiss so soon??? I don’t know if you’re one of those people who watch an entire show in 2 weeks. But I have been following this show since it started and TWO DAMNED YEARS have passed since it started, Caroline is turning 18 and a lot has happened in Mystic Falls, excuse me, but that kiss was a MOST after so long.

    Damon has come a LONG way since the show started and has worked hard, even exposing his own life several times, to save Elena and her loved ones, earning his redemption. While Stefan has screwed things way beyond repair, even before he became full blown evil he was already screwing things up by lying to Elena about his human blood addiction and his ripper past (proof that he’s never been an angel himself), not to mention that she had to find on her own the reason why he was so attracted to her (because she looked like Katherine). Elena always forgave him without hesitation and he never had to prove himself to her. Damon on the other hand worked HARD for that one tender kiss.

    Yeah he was a monster, but the key word here is “was”… while Stefan was, and still IS a monster, not measuring ever the consequences of his actions. His brother on the other hand has things clear – if he must sacrifice himself to create a safe environment for Elena and the rest of the town, he will sacrifice himself- of course, Stefan keeps saving his brother despite the fact that he could get everyone else killed, even the woman he claims to love so much just because HE feels guilty, and now, getting everyone almost killed because HE needs revenge, so who’s really the selfish one here???

    The only thing Stefan has ever cared about is his neverending road to redemption without doing anything really significant about it, playing martyr, and faking he loves Elena (when all he does is put her and Jeremy in danger). Sorry, but puppy eyes just doesn’t cut it for me.

    I say the former bad boy should get the chick.

  • http://twitter.com/sammiisweetx3 s?mmi ??-

    I think that Bonnie wasn’t hallucinating and that she actually really did see Klaus. I think that Klaus has a doppleganger or a twin himself and that’s the primary reason that he’s so eager to get the coffins. Not for his “family” but to protect his doppleganger. Kill the doppleganger, kill the real Klaus.

  • Julie

    weird but possible

  • http://www.twitter.com/Malousak Delena

    Delena happened, sweetheart :) This thursday when Damon kissed Elena, she kissed him back (she pushed herself forward) and enjoyed it. Stefan needs to be sorted out for Elena, in order for her to move on.
    Stefan may be Elena’s first love, but Damon is Elena’s “true love”. That means mature love, not cheesy love.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Malousak Delena

    Besides, if Elena TRULY loved Stefan more deeply, she wouldn’t have loved Damon in the first place, even before they became a couple. There is a reason why Delena fans are 70% of TVD family :) Sorry, but I’m just being realistic. Stelena was cute, but it just existed to make Delena more epic. Like a sacrifice. We DE fans had to tolerate you SE’ers for 3 years! We WAITED for DE to happen! Why can’t some Stelena fans be happy for us for an exchange? DE numbers are PROVEN to be higher, and this world is becoming more democratic lately :) Sorry, SE is not even a challenge anymore (never have been though) for Delena.

  • :D

    Klaus’ mother died a thousand years ago and they buried her.
    And isn’t Katherine the original Petrova?

  • :D

    The show is nothing like the books. I’ve read the most of them and they were really different.
    In the books Elena dies and becomes a vampire, then she dies again and comes back as a human with powers (I think).
    And Damon dies in The Return:Midnight.

    The books sucks!
    Thats my opinion…

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    No, Charlotte is the original Petrova. They’ve mentioned her in joking; maybe she’s in the locked coffin!!! Thanks for posting :)

  • Santana

    OMG I have read all the comments, and can I say… I thought I was the only one who was so psyched about Delena’s kiss… ,!!!! Thank god I’m not the only one!!! Stefan has turned into a demon!! I love how Damon is like sooo lovey dovey about Elena! Tyler and Caroline are really cute together! I am really going to miss Jeremy. Bonnie and him were really cute together. About the coffins, my sister has the most craziest prediction about it. She reckons that Klaus has like, a doppelgänger. I know its crazy !!! Her second prediction is like the first ever vampire. Which is impossible. Well to me xD.

  • derp

    no charlotte is the original petrova.

  • Rosaly2k9

    It’s true that Damon is no PRIZE… But Stefan is too weak, if he drinks human blood he becomes an utter and complete idiot. Damon in the other hand is less childish and can control his urges, and if you haven’t noticed he’s been there for her, more then what I can say for Stefan. Damon is stronger in every aspect possible, and that is what Elena needs, not some guy who can’t contain his blood lust.

  • Babs

    Whoever is in that coffin must be related to Klaus (cause Bonnie´s dreaming about him in the coffin). So maybe its his real father or, but not very possible, his child, or his twin brother/doppelganger

  • Happyvamp

    Stefan and Elena are going through rough times. But it will be great to see them rebuild their “great love” as the producers call it.

  • The Year Of Delena 115

    lmfaooooo this is the besttt comment ever… I literalllyyy was thinking the EXACTTTTTT sammeee thingggg!!! DELENAAAA<3 (LMFAO to the part about the sacrifice to have Stelena… sooo trueee ;) )