Spoiler Round~up: Julie Plec Dishes On Naked Damon, Delena, Stelena And Much More

Spoiler Round~up: Julie Plec Dishes On Naked Damon, Delena, Stelena And Much More

The Vampire Diaries returned last night with a bang, or should I say kiss ;) Well, whatever you liked best, next week's episode is shaping up to be even better and I have a fabulous spoiler round-up to share straight from EP Julie Plec. Plec teases Delena, Stelena, Coffins and more.
"Our Town" opens to a very naked Damon.

"He’s got a reason to be in a good mood when we come back next week. We start the episode with him in the shower starting his day off with a smile."

Free Will, What?!

"Tyler thinks he has free will and is starting to fully realize that that might not be so true. That plays out over the next couple of episodes. The consequences of him thinking he actually has a say in his own destiny are pretty tragic and definitely shake up his world and make his relationship with Caroline very compromised. But, you know, he’s got to learn a lesson and realize, Oh god, maybe this gratefulness to Klaus isn’t as good as I thought it was."

1 Coffin, 2 Coffins, 3 Coffins, 4?!

"We are to make no assumptions about anything. [Laughs] We are to wonder what could be in that coffin. Because if you do the math, there’s one more coffin than there is remaining siblings of the Original family."

Tragic Stefan and Elena Moments

"In next week’s episode, Stefan goes to such terrible extremes to make his point and to get Klaus to back down. It’s really devastating what he does, and it really cuts right to the core of his love story with Elena. It’s a big Stefan-and-Elena relationship episode in that you get a sense of how tragic and sad it is that such a great love has been ripped apart as a result of everything that Klaus has done." Plec goes on to say, "Oh, that scene is very real and very hard on Elena. The one thing that Stefan always protected for her was her choice, and here he is, threatening to take it away."

Goodbye, Jeremy...At least for now.

"A solid source assures us that Jeremy (McQueen) will be seen again on the show soon, and although he may be off the series for a little while, he will not be gone forever."

Source: EOnline, EW