Spoiler Round-up: 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Premiere, "The Birthday"

Spoiler Round-up: 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Premiere, "The Birthday"

We are just a few weeks away from The Vampire Diaries season 3 premiere, "The Birthday". With a full set of episode stills on hand, I can now share a pictastic spoiler preview. Here's what we know so far :)

Alaric will have a much larger role as season 3 unfolds.

"Alaric~Matthew Davis will wrestle with the death of Jenna~Sara Canning because that's going to weigh on him a little bit. We're going to see how he mans up with regard to how he can be there for Elena~Nina Dobrev and Jeremy in sort of the family unit, which we hinted at in the finale. We're also going to see him get right in the middle of trying to help save Stefan. He's going to step forward and get right into the middle of everything."

Katerina Graham teases what's in store for Bonnie when season 3 opens September 15th.

"I do know that Bonnie's going to have to deal at some point with Jeremy's~Steven R. McQueen new ability to see his ex-girlfriends, who are deceased because he now can see the other side. So we'll see how she deals with that. And other than that it's just going with the flow and seeing where they take it. As of right now in the show, where it left off in the finale, Stefan~Paul Wesley went with Klaus~Joseph Morgan and is on this crazy feeding rampage and all that. So we have to figure out how to get him back."

Jealousy will be rearing it's head in the season 3 premiere, "The Birthday". Matt~Zach Roerig will have some unresolved feelings for Caroline that we'll see as she gets closer to monster-mate Tyler. Caroline, whose been platonically courting Tyler, will come to realize there's more between her and him when Tyler starts to work out some 'urges' with his party date.

Our resident baddie, Klaus has had his eye on Stefan for awhile and his 'special plans' were in the making long before Elena was in the picture.

"As the series goes on we'll learn a lot more about Klaus's motives for bringing Stefan along. He's not just done it on a whim. There's a goal; there's a plan," Morgan reveals.

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