The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Round-up: The Doppelganger Connection, Plus Fresh Bonnie Scoop!!

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October 17, 2013

For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Vampire Diaries is known for it’s extensive mythology and season 5 has already had some serious Doppelganger connections with Stefan, Elena, Silas and Katherine. I have some fresh scoop to share on that front, along with spoilery tease for Bonnie. Could Silas’ long lost love be the original Petrova, linking Stefan and Elena together forever? Sound off in the comment below with your thoughts!!

You know those visions Elena has been having along with that big pit in her stomach? Well, the dreams are about to get even clearer. The nail in the coffin — pun intended — will be that Katherine is having the same exact visions, but it’s she recognizes the location, leading them to where Stefan might be found.

Bonnie’s Not Gone

“You can become weak by something or you can become empowered by something and she says, ‘Whatever Silas wants, we can’t let him have it,’ ” Graham hints. “She’s turning this around on Silas. Bonnie is a character who isn’t easily weakened by circumstances and she’s somebody who probably will want to avenge her father. I don’t want people to lose hope in Bonnie because they think that she’s not useful. She’s dead but she’s not gone,” she says. “There’s still some interesting things for her to work out, while on the other side.” And never one to leave without providing an intriguing tease, Graham hints at an upcoming Bonnie/Jeremy scene “that has to do with candles” and may “possibly” be of the romantic variety.