The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Round-up: The 'Cure' And The Mind Blowing Conclusion To Tyler's Revolution

The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Round-up: The 'Cure' And The Mind Blowing Conclusion To Tyler's Revolution

Tonight The Vampire Diaries premieres it's spectacular mid-season finale with a Winter Wonderland theme and scenes of horror as the back drop. First, I have an exclusive behind the scenes image featuring Damon and his ax at the Gilbert lake house. Second, I have collected a few delightful spoilers to let you know everything there is to know about tonight's episode. Joseph Morgan previews, teases and promises a mind-lowing conclusion to Tyler's revolution, action a midst the Hybrid love triangle and Klaus' motivations were the 'cure' is concerned.

Joseph Morgan on The Hybrid Love Triangle

"I would say that she's certainly a priority at this point, yes," Morgan says. "He's definitely still got his own agendas, and he's still invested in finding the cure for Elena and creating more hybrids, but he's quite captivated by Caroline. She's really gotten under his skin at this point. She brings out a more playful side to him, which I think he loves, though still with a certain sociopathic glint in his eye. I do like it, because it's something different," he says. "Working with Candice [Accola] is wonderful, obviously, and I love exploring the great range that the writers have given Klaus this season. Last year, when they brought in Rebekah and the family, I was very pleased because it gave us a chance to see a new side of Klaus, to see the way he is with people he cares about, people he's close to. This is like that in that with a love interest, it's a whole new element to him to explore. "However, Morgan goes on to reveal, "To the people who think he's 'gone soft' or whatever," he warns, "I can assure you that he's still more than capable of all of the terrible things he did in the beginning. If he really wanted to kill everyone, I think he'd just have done it, given his strength and his age, so we had to get them to a point where they had a reason to work together. Paul and I always laugh about it, because Klaus is constantly saying to Stefan, 'Okay, here's the plan! Tell no one!' and Stefan just goes along with it, just trusts him blindly. He's definitely still a threat, but he's a different kind of threat.

Tyler's Hybrid Revolution

"There's absolutely an explosive conclusion to that story," Morgan promises. "We've been building toward something very big, and it's not going to disappoint, I'll tell you that much. The de-siring of the hybrids, the gathering of [Tyler's] pack, and the inevitable confrontation, especially with Caroline now between them, is definitely building toward a mind-blowing conclusion," Morgan said."The writers are not afraid to kill characters, even fan favorites, and even those who have been around a long time," he said. "Some fans will be disappointed and all of them are going to be surprised. Everything will change. It's being shaken up as we speak."

The Cure & Klaus' Dueling Motivations

"There are two reasons[to find the cure], in my mind; the first being to make Elena human again to ensure his endless supply of hybrids ... they do seem to die rather quickly," he joked. "The second would be to destroy it." Morgan alluded to his temporary desiccation, "However, at the hands of the Mystic Falls Scooby Doo gangvhe cure could very feasibly be used as a weapon, should be he forced to take it," he says.

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