The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Round-up: Bonnie’s Mission, Katherine, Delena, Silas and Much More!!

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May 9, 2013

The Walking Dead
TVD Thursday is upon us and “The Walking Dead” is officially the last new episode before the season 4 finale, May 16th. The Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec has a spoilery preview for tonight’s highly anticipated installment, including some juicy sire bond teases, Bonnie’s darkness, Katherine’s part, Silas and much more!! Candace Accola also has a few reveals about tonight’s episode on TV Guide’s Vampire Diaries bite, so be sure and check that out below and sound off in the comments :)

“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship. The sire bond let us have a supernatural reason — and yes, albeit a controversial one — but a very bold way for Elena to finally feel comfortable acting on these feelings that she’s been struggling with now for a couple years. Without it she’d just have that confusion,” Plec explains. “Definitely before the season’s over, we have our answer to the question of does the sire bond still exist, and if not, then what are her feelings and who are they for.”

The Walking Dead

TV Fanatic: Bonnie has vowed to keep her promise to Silas and has also partnered with Katherine. Is the girl digging her own grave or what?
Julie Plec: [laughs] The beauty of Bonnie is that in spite of being led down some very dark paths over the course of the year her moral compass is stronger than ever and she’s definitely up to something. And if you’re up to something and you’re up to no good, you may as well partner with the one girl in town who’s better at being up to no good than you are.

Speaking of Katherine, does she really just want her freedom or is there something else that we just don’t know yet?
JP: The thing that’s interesting about Katherine this year is she’s always been, as we’ve developed the character, a survivor, a fighter, very selfish, looking out for number one, and I think that’s taken its toll on her and made her a little bat-shit crazy in certain ways, excuse the language.
Like everyone on the show, she’s someone, when all is said in done, just needs her own peace. Her lack of ability to have achieved it for herself is making her very bold and aggressive and that does not stop before the season is out.

Whether the Veil is going to drop or not, is that what Silas really wants or is there more that has yet to be revealed?
JP: There is definitely more to the Silas story than has been told. His motives…he’s pretty honest. It’s just some details that he’s left out.

In the trailer for this coming week, we see Kol, which makes me think that this is Silas as Kol. Or could it be Kol somehow being resurrected?
JP: We’ll have to wait and see but definitely we…let’s see, how do I answer that…you know what? I’ll say it! F*** it! No, that was Kol. That is Kol. In the dead flesh, that is Kol.

The Walking Dead

Nice! I like seeing him back! We know that Elena’s main goal is to kill Katherine. So can we expect a big epic confrontation this week or in the finale?
JP: Yeah, you can expect a collection of moments between Elena and Katherine over the next few weeks that leaves some deep scars?

Emotional, physical or both?
JP: All of the above.

The Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle. Is that coming back to life or is there too much going on to worry about where their hearts are?
JP: Definitely the one lingering question as we get into the last two episodes is that Elena, as she makes her way back to her normal self, is going to have to get back in touch with her true feelings so that question is asked and answered before the season is out and it definitely seems very permanent and it’s life altering for all of three of them.

My dear Rebekah. I want her to have some satisfaction or happiness. Is that even possible with these last episodes?
JP: [laughs] Believe it or not, Rebekah gets a nice moment or two where you feel like the girl might actually have a little fun.

Would that possibly be with Matt?
JP: It very well could be but I would never tell.

Are we seeing Tyler again? Or Jeremy, for that matter?
JP: I can’t tell you but I can tell you that Tyler’s fate gets resolved by the end of the season.

The Walking Dead

Of course, I have to ask about Klaus/Caroline. Any movement with them either romantic or otherwise?
JP: There is definitely some movement between two of them. Whether or not it’s romantic, I cannot say but we will see Klaus again before the end of the season.

With The Originals coming next season, safe to say we will see many new characters on TVD next season?
JP: We’re definitely going to see some new faces. Some of our characters are going to go to college and Mystic Falls will have lost some of its vampire population and so there’s going to be new opportunities, new villains and new friends in season five.

What are the rules for crossing over between TVD and The Originals?
JP: I think, at the moment, there are no rules. I think that we have characters moving from one life to another and they have connections from where they have just moved from so we’re not going to pretend like that connection never existed. If anything, they’re going to be very present emotionally in the new series and it’s just a matter of what opportunities can happen [and] when to pay a little visit from one show to the other.

  • Lena

    Yeah, if Plec has at least a bit of smart in her, she won’t allow the whole “it’ll always be Stefan” crap cloud her judgement again. If she wanted Elena to end up with Stefan from the start, she should’ve casted Ian as Stefan because he’s the only one who has chemistry with Nina in that series. Stefan seems dead inside and that doesn’t make for good romance. Sorry, but they’re gonna have to have a different ending than the books because they’ve already screwed up in the cast of actors, and we won’t buy into that sire bond crap anymore… Her relationship with Stefan doesn’t have to be eternal, specially when it sucks and everybody hates it. The series is supposed to lure fans into staying, not making them run away, which is exactly what will happen if she chooses Stefan again and leaves Damon to die alone like last time. Not to mention that they made the mortal decision of making The Originals, which is a perfect escape goat for fans like me who are absolutely tired of all the TVD shenanigans that Julie Plec just described ” It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take
    years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural
    progression of that relationship.” , well sister, you better get it together and make her forget faster, because it’s been more than 3 years that we’ve stood by this crappy show and you can’t just come up with a “sire bond” and then make her go back to Stefan out of nowhere after all this. We are ALL tired of the love triangle, let her choose Damon and MOVE ON unto other characters so the series can survive, and it’s not only me saying this, even the Stelena fans are willing to give up all in pro of ending that ridiculous and boring love triangle, many even switched to the Delena side in hopes of not having to put up with Elena changing her mind again. Just go to forums, check out the youtube comments on the promos videos and you will see the same thing over and over again. END THE LOVE TRIANGLE.

  • Lauren

    I don’t understand why Elena still isn’t with Damon. Damon is good for her- makes her laugh, think, and be herself. Stefan keeps trying to make her into a robot yes girl. As for Elena not getting over Stefan that’s bull. Elena met Damon first, Damon always chooses Elena. How can Elena and Damon still not be together– this is getting ridiculous. Does Plec not see all the DELENA videos on youtube and the clips- they are in the millions in fans. Is she like oblivious to their chemistry. Stefan is so freaking boring–besides he looks like he has a thing for Caroline, they’ve had some interesting moments. As for Elena, she should choose Damon, if she doesn’t than this show has gone downhill.

  • Adrianna Josie Aiello

    She talks about this epic love Elena has for Stefan, but it seems to abrupt to me. It was too sudden and with little buildup. Delena just makes more sense in the series and its true Paul and Nina have no chemistry so it doesn’t help. It’ll be super depressing if she chooses stefan at the end of this season and even worse if she chooses him at the end of the series. But it sounds like Julie Plec already has a Stelena ending in the books :( Poor Damon

  • seeper

    Stelena had great chemistry. That’s why the triangle is so popular. Fans were split between Stelena and Delena. It’s pretty obvious Delena will get their time now and Stefan will finally have a chance to move on.

  • seeper

    The show has already gone downhill since Delena got together. In the past few eps, the show lost 1 millions in total tv ratings.
    Stelena actually had twice as much ratings when the show first started.
    So yeah, it makes sense why Delena are not together yet. The triangle continued because half the fans wanted Stelena. Delena so called popularity has nothing to do with romance, it was more about Ian/nina dating.

  • Claire74

    Not everyone shares your Delena fantasy just sayin! There is actually an entire population of TVD fans that don’t want her to end up with Damon. We all have a voice but you don’t have to tear another ship down to build yours up. If it’s such a “crappy” show, then by all means, change the friggin channel, otherwise quit whining and deal with it.

  • Emma

    Are you kiddin’ me? No chemisrty between Stefan (Paul) and Elena (Nina)???
    heeeey guys stop bullshitin’ if u love damon, ok! but dont say shit about stefan, like it or not without stefan TVD will never be the same, so shut the f up! TeamSalvatore and TeamStefan and Stelena 4 eva !!!

  • Emma

    Lets start with why I could never ship Delena. This is a long list, so I’ll stick with the basics. He killed her brother, which means that he should automatically be taken off of the list of potential boyfiends and put on a hit list. Also, he carried a torch for Katherine for 145 years and then just happens to fall in “love” with her doppleganger? Am I the only one who smells something fishy there? Plus Damon is too volatile and could hurt or kill her and anyone else. Okay so she doesn’t belong with Damon. That isn’t enough to say she belongs with Stefan. I also don’t just think they should be together because he is nice or because he “saw her first or not”. It’s because what they have is so incredible. Even in his darkest moments he couldn’t kill her, and in the beginning of this season she wanted nothing more than to get him back. I firmly believe that if Damon hadn’t been throwing himself at her for 3 seasons that DE wouldn’t even be an issue. DE has a big fanbas, and that may or may not get them endgame, but Stelena are soumates and nothing is stronger than that. Stelena just have an epic love, that every person in this world dreams of. I have loved them since the pilot episode and that hasn’t changed even when I did see chemistry with Delena. Delena just doesn’t stand a chance just as long as Stelena is an option. And to me, the hype with Delena is based on just a fantasy. But if they actually do get together, honestly, they wouldn’t even be as interesting. I also just would never take Delena seriously as a couple. I just can’t imagine them being cute and “lovey dovey” to each other like Stefan and Elena do. I ship Stelena because the love they share for each other is real and from first episode I knew that they we’re destined to be with each other forever. Delena isn’t real.. I just don’t see anything close to what Stelena has and will always have. Damon is a good friend to Elena but as far as love he is the worst for her. He acts more like a father then boyfriend where Stefan listens and may disagree with Elena’s choices he’ll stand by her decisions like a real boyfriend would. I always thought Delena was about hate, jealously and sexual tension and Stelena was about hope, true love and protection. On season 1, season 2 and season 3 we saw their relationship and their ups and downs, how their love is stronger than anything (Katherine, Damon, Klaus, Rebekah, etc.)And still Elena loves Stefan more than Damon. If she wants Damon to screw up everything, ok, she can pick him, but also she can pick Stefan with no doubts because their love is true and they have that kind of love that’s not actually real in real life,because it’s too much of fairytale. It’s impossible that something like that happens in real life and that’s the thing I like about them (like Bella and Edward). They’re really good when you want to runaway from reality and be in something impossible, but beautiful… She still wants to be with Stefan but she is still wondering if that’s the right choice to make. :)

  • Emma

    “…she wanted nothing more than to get him back…” (I’m talking about season 3 here)

  • Emma

    And… Please, Julie Plec, put them back together, that kind of love can’t die, they are epic and better together!!! Go, Stelena!!! <3

  • Delena

    Excuse me, but more than 70% of TVD fans are all rooting for Delena (and it’s been proven). Do you know why the ratings went down? Because Stelena fans are always whining about why there aren’t any rainbows and unicorns anymore. I’m sorry, but this gave me some idea about SEers. As for Delena fans, they’re always HOPING that something would happen. SEers just act immature about it and leave TVD.

    And I REALLY love Paul Wesley. I really do. But as “Stefan” with Nina as “Elena”, I just don’t see a spark. I’m sorry.

  • Delena

    Oh puh-lease, if there WAS a chemistry between Paul and Nina, they would’ve had a thing by now, but they don’t. Instead, it was with Ian.

  • Delena <3

    Sorry, but it’s pretty clear that Nina has more chemisrty with Ian than Paul. I bet everyone would have more chemisrty with their real boyfriend instead of an actor or a good friend. So go delena !

  • Aoife

    I liked the little hint in the last episode about Stefan and Caroline…I know it would never be realistic longterm but it could be a fun little sub plot for a while somewhere down the road, and to be honest I don’t care that much who they put with Elena in the end, both sides have their moments, but as of right now, they need to try something different than just sending her back to Stefan every few months. If they want the show to last the triangle can’t get stale, and right now it kind of is, so she needs to be with Damon a while. At the moment, sure she was with Damon for a bit, but they used the ‘sire bond’ excuse, so Stefan never really completely believed that Elena loved Damon, to keep a love triangle going, they need at least one period where Stefan thinks he’s truly lost Elena. He’ll move on a bit, try another girl maybe, that could be fun to watch, and Elena and Damon have great chemistry so that’ll be entertaining too! Stefan might end up back with her in the end! Or Damon will, I don’t really care so long as it’s entertaining! So everybody chill! There’s plenty of time before the show wraps up for good, and Elena’s going to keep going back and forward until then, accept that. Phew…sorry the post is long!

  • Emma

    Nope. They will destroy everything the hole sense of this show if they put her with Damon.

  • Emma

    Ok. Its my opinion. Every person has own opinion, right?

  • Emma

    I dont think so! I like Nina more with Paul. I think that she has more chemistry with him than Ian. This is my own opinion ;)

  • Emma

    Ok. I appreciate your post! But I really dont care about the Delena’s fans and what they want. I’m a huge fan of Elena and Stefan. And Julie Plec writes this script, right? Then… she will decide what happens with this love triangle. And if you really loves this show like I do, then you will watch it with Stelena or not. ;)

  • Emma

    Yeah, exactly! You guys only want delena because nian is real and because damon/ian is sexy but stelena is actually why we all started to watch the vampire diaries so how can you possibly think like that i mean i love damon his character and he definitely is sexy as hell but elenas epic love will always be stefan so please go and watch season 1 again.

  • Emma

    Nope. I dont think so. I really belive that Elena will pick Stefan. She wiil realize that she truly love stefan not damon. damon will take the cure and stelena is endgame. ;)

  • Delenaaaa

    I’m sorry Stelena fans, but I don’t see chemistry between Stefan and Elena and that makes them annoying to watch together, it feels too forced. Esspecially compairing their chemistry to the Delena chemistry. Delena is very enjoyabe to watch because it looks natural and Stelena just doesn’t. And not because they are dating in real life or because Ian is hot. I hope Delena will be endgame, and if she chooses Stefan this season I will be pissed off

  • Tiffany0124

    You all know if the love triangle is over (which means that Elena chose one of the brothers), that the show is over right?
    Plec already said, it will be endgame after Elena makes her choice. So my guesses we´ll have to live with the love triangle.
    Sooooo i would love to see Stefan and Caroline for a while. Think this could be interesting, Just sayin`

  • Tiffany0124

    I don´t think Elena is going to choose Stefan this season, because Stefan seems to have a thing for Caroline and im sure they´re going to develope that ..

  • yttip

    I started to watch the show because I liked the whole dynamic of the thing. I like Stefan….really i got nothing against him, but I think his love with Elena is so boring because it’s really easy you know. When Damon got into the equation, things got a lot more interesting and he totally won my respect with the on going of the show. His love with Elena always have a complication and that’s what keep us watching TVD because we want to know how they’re going to get pass that… and i think he’s more than earned the right to be with her. He always have to prove his love…When did Stefan do that? I mean…Come on she was sired to him… he could have gone to hell with her if he wanted but he didn’t because he truly loves her. I think thats what true love means.