Spencer Locke Cast as Miss Mystic Falls Contestant

Spencer Locke Cast as Miss Mystic Falls Contestant

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There's a new girl around Mystic Falls, and she's competing with Elena for...

... no NOT Stefan. Or Damon. For Miss Mystic Falls! Who do you think will win? Not who we expect, that's for sure. And I'd never expect Elena to enter a beauty pageant - isn't she kind of dark these days?

Spencer Locke, a young and talented actress, will play her competitor, Miss Amber Bradley.

Turns out Amber is a beauty pageant contestant who will compete in late April episode against Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Caroline (Candice Accola) to be the next Miss Mystic Falls.

Alright ya'll... vampire or witch? You've gotta know this gal isn't just an innocent dumb beauty pageant blonde.

Spoiler Source: TV Guide

Thanks to Johanna for the heads up