‘The Vampire Diaries’ Short Season 3 Teaser Trailer Is Here!!

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July 23, 2011

The San Diego Comic Con is underway and The Vampire Diaries coverage officially starts today. The CW has released a short teaser trailer for season 3 to gear fans up for the juicy panel scheduled for later today.

  • http://www.formspring.me/rosaboom rosalovesdamon

    YES,this ad is frikken amazing,and yes i’ve watched it over 20 times,but there arent any new scenes:@ i need NEW bloody clips.

  • Daphne

    whats the use of this promo..?theres no new scenes

  • Luna Maya

    this is so not a season 3 TEASER TRAILER,, this is a season 2 TEASER FLASHBACK :(((

  • RachelD

    Even though there are no new scenes, I still almost had a heart attack! :) haha. Geeky. It’s still amazing though, and gets me excited cause of Delena! I think this season will be the best so far just cause of that for me, haha. I do wish there were new scenes tho… :(

  • Himalaya

    I kept looking at the time. like when is the part going to start with scenes from the next season and it never came!

    crappy promo. its not even a promo. as the guy before said just flash backs. i could have made this with imovie!