The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Spoilers: Klaroline, A Major Death, New Paths And Much More!!

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May 14, 2013

The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale is just two days away and I have a spoilery preview for all my fellow TVD Family. Joseph Morgan promises a ‘surprising encounter’ between Caroline and himself that people have wanted for some time.

“It’s going to come in the guise of an olive branch, and then it’ll start as something that I think people have wanted for a long time — but we’ll see where it goes.”


Fans can also expect a roller coster of emotion during the final hour of “Graduation” with tears of both happiness and sadness.


Something allegedly goes down in this episode that is so mind-blowingly cool/surprising that it defies categorization. There will be an epic declaration of love, a duo (finally!) setting off for the summer together, a major death and another character heading on a path that will leave fans screaming at their screen.


Bonus Love Triangle Scoop!!!

While we won’t reveal which Salvatore brother our heroine chooses, we can assure you that she does in fact pick one. (No Kelly Taylor-esque “I choose me” moment happening here!) As for the other brother, fret not as he’ll have more than enough to deal with that not landing the girl (for now) will hardly register. Start prepping for one of the series’ best twists ever, basically!

Source: TV Guide, TV Line, EOnline

  • Tiffany124

    I guess she’s going to choose Stefan (for now) and after that (maybe in season 5) Damon. And what a major death? Again?! Seriously?!

  • Nur Zafirah Zaimi

    Klaroline! Yeah! Finally

  • Sergio Díaz

    well, didn’t Bonnie already “die”? that’d be the major death, and heh, I don’t really mind :P she thought she was OP, and boo-ya, she died the moment the turned betchy xD
    and yeah, we’ve all been waiting for Klaroline :’)
    As for Elena, she’s gonna pick Stefan… and Damon’s gonna be hurt up the butt, but then again, like the spoilers say, he’s gonna have rough times handling the unleashed demons :|



  • Andy

    Oh my, I feel this is going to suck.
    She chooses Stefan and Damon dies.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  • jenna

    I really hope that elena and Stefan end up together like the books that’s the way its suppose to be. but im not loving how the series has been going. going back to last season. I wish they actually showed Stefan getting elena out of the truck and trying to revive her . and I think Stefan loved elena so much that he should of killed Rebekah.

  • Ezra

    she will choose damon… because its said stefan finds out somthing about silas…. so he’ll be the one preoccupied

  • yttip

    oh hell… It’s obvious Elena is going to choose Stefan AGAIN!(blurgh!!!) I can’t believe this!!! I swear to God i’m gonna die…by vomiting!!!

  • JoJo

    I think they will let her choose Damon, just to give it a twist and then within the time she will realize whom she really loves is stefan.. This thing they keep doing has ruined the show. I am just looking forward for Klaroline !!!

  • GabyMaster

    don’t you guys follow any news?

    Jullie Plec said that one thing she and the Stefan character got clear is that is time for Stefan to move on… plus don’t complain Stefan will always be good for Elena, Damon isn’t her epic love… but i have to agree sometime the Elena/Stefan gets boring… because we all love tension and drama, and safe the really romance and profound love to the end of the series. But in other news its said that Stefan finds some disturbing about Silas and has his”hands full” So clearly Elena is going to choose Damon for now. But I think that Damon deserves someone better, and Stefan too.

    I am super happy about the Klaroline news! Hope it last!

  • Eden Cole

    Arghh, if she picks Stefan I might scream. I mean I know they’re just going to have her go back and forth until the very end of the series, but Damon deserves some sire bond free Elena love.

  • Music

    Totally agree with you there. I actually stopped watching the show after about 3 episodes in because it got ridiculous. I feel like it was a complete waste of time and personally I’ve been waiting for them to realize that and have something to where Elena wakes up at the end of the season and it’s the beginning as she’s going through her transition. All this season did was show how big of a bitch Nina could be act (as if we didn’t know that by Katherine—and no this is not against Nina, I’m just saying Elena was worse than Katherine this season). She had some good acting this season but I feel like we already have a Katherine…didn’t need a 2.0.

    So ready for this season to be over.

  • superfly

    think she will choose Stefan. But Stefan tells her to go jump.
    Damon has his hands full so she doesnt get either man.
    time for them to all grow a bit in character and stiop the pathetic chase for Elena

  • name

    I think that Elena will choose Stefan meanwile Damon will become human and he will be freaking out about it becouse he’s the one that loves being a vampire.

  • Aoife

    What’s the bet that she chooses Stefan (once again, as in every ‘shocking’ finale) and Damon gets something crappy to deal with (like being human or something). I mean seriously, I haven’t got a problem with Stefan and Elena together, if that’s how the show wraps up, fine, whatever, but this love ‘triangle’ is getting seriously stale! If they don’t give her at least one genuine period with Damon (where she actually wants him, for sure) the show will never be really interesting. A love triangle is supposed to be dramatic and exciting, with both sides going through periods apart, and times where they really almost give up. Let Stefan try another girl for a while, that could be very interesting (and don’t freak out stelena people, i said ‘a while’) If I’m going to keep watching the show, I honestly think it’s Delena’s turn. And I’m saying this as someone who’s pretty impartial, given that I don’t particularly care which brother she ends up with when the show gets a curtain call, so long as it’s entertaining getting there.

  • tbhyolo

    Damon admitted to a human before he killed her that he misses being human. Go look it up on youtube or something. Damon was going to die for Katherine until Stefan made him complete the transition. Damon never wanted the life of a vampire. He does not love it.

  • Ca3naki

    Klaroline won’t happen. Klaus will be on the Originals, Caroline on TVD. But I do believe they’ll give people something. The truth is it’s getting iritating, all this back and forth to the triangle. Yes, of course they have at least two more seasons and they won’t give away the finale couple now, but some stability could help. Or some alone time.. Personally I am more interested to see who stays permanantly (I hope it’s Alaric, I don’t think it’ll be Jer because who would look after him in MF?) and who takes the cure. The epic love declaration doesn’t really say anything, if we see what happened in 3×22-4×01.

  • Katrina

    Agreed! This season wasn’t even truly a Delena season, considering all of the things going on with the sire bond and Elena’s humanity switch. Damon and Elena need to have a real chance at a relationship, as themselves. If I remember correctly, in the books, Damon was the one who became human. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen in the show, however. That would screw up things between Damon and Elena, and come on, Damon is at his best as a vampire. And I’m guessing that if both Klaus and Tyler are out of the picture for a while, Stefan and Caroline might eventually have something going on.