'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale Spoiler Round Table With Julie Plec

'The Vampire Diaries' Season Finale Spoiler Round Table With Julie Plec

Happy TVD Thursday my fellow fans! The Vampire Diaries ends it's sophomore season tonight with "As I Lay Dying". Delena fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting this Damon/Elena heavy episode and EP Julie Plec has some spoilery teasers to pass along.

"A lot of our characters, in some way or another, are at extreme risk," Plec says. "There are some moves and surprises that will make the audience yell at us."

"Stefan sets out on a pretty intense journey to figure out if there's any way to save his brother and ... it's a really harrowing experience for him. His own life is put in peril as a result of wanting to do anything he can to save Damon."

"When Elena learns the truth about Damon's werewolf bite she sets out to help him as he goes through his spiral. A lot of their relationship and friendship issues are brought to light as he is on his deathbed and is still very much desperate for absolution."

"The second half of the episode is very much driven by Damon and Elena - As he's falling apart - and what she does to try to bring him peace. This is very much an episode of Damon and Elena, and all their relationship issues that they've struggled with for two years now coming to a head. "

"There is an out-of-left-field surprise at the end of this episode that tells the audience very clearly what road we're traveling down Season 3. It's not a big cliff-hanger episode. There's a lot of emotional resolution, and then there's a humdinger or two at the end that basically says: You thought you knew what this show was. Well, we're just getting started."

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Source: TV Guide