The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Mystic Falls' Thriving Humans, Plus Fresh Scoop On New Arrival Tripp

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Mystic Falls' Thriving Humans, Plus Fresh Scoop On New Arrival Tripp

The Vampire Diaries will premiere season 6, four months ahead of the dramatic season 5 finale. Mystic Falls will be magic free and a surprisingly pleasant escape for its current residents.  Matt Donovan is one thriving human now that the monsters have left his hometown. 

He misses his friends, but he's dealing with his grief in his own way [and] he's channeling it into something very positive by getting involved in the community and really trying to make something of himself, executive producer Julie Plec says. So he's thriving, ironically, in the absence of the supernatural elements in Mystic Falls. 
Tripp, played by 'Eureka' star Colin Ferguson. will also bring new things for Matt. Matt Donovan's never really had a real father figure on the show and we've had this basic idea of really wanting a man in Mystic Falls that Matt can look up to, Plec spoils. Now that all the supernatural creatures are stuck outside of Mystic Falls, who are these people that are still living there? This man is running the community protection services, and he's just trying to teach these young, 18-, 19-, 20-year old guys how they can make something of themselves. It's nice to see Matt having somebody he can bond with and connect to as he's kind of the last man standing in a weird way in Mystic Falls. 

Fans have already been speculating on whether or not Tripp is a new villain, but the always twisty Plec warns that it's far too early to judge him.

Tripp's status as a villain or not a villain is not conclusive at this time, Plec teases. Tripp's history is a bit of a mystery but whether he's a villain or not is not something that is clear. For Matt, I think it's more about, 'How important is this town to me? How important is this idea of the town being a safe haven for humans to me? And what happens if or when the magic comes back and the supernaturals are allowed back in? Even though they're my friends, what will they bring with them?' Down the road, he'll have a little bit of a conflict internally in how to deal with that. 

Jeremy is staying in Mystic Falls for different reasons; while Elena and Alaric urge Jeremy to move on, his grief for Bonnie and how he is dealing with it, is something only he can understand. 

The Jeremy that we're going to see is going to be a little reminiscent of Jeremy in Season 1 that we first met, Plec says. He has just been hit with a brick wall of grief, in a way that he will eventually admit is really not cool. Being told by your girlfriend over the phone that she's not going to make it through the night when she's been lying to you all along, that's hardcore emotional stuff to deal with. He's not going to take it very well. We're going to have to try to figure out how to get Jeremy back to his senses a bit, even though he's kind of legitimate in his anger.

Bonus Tyler Scoop:

Tyler is back to being a guy with a werewolf curse. He's been down this road, and it's really difficult [and] he's got testosterone and machismo, so how does he keep himself together? He'll find help in some fun sources.