The Vampire Dairies Season 5 Spoilers: College Life, Silas, Jeremy's Resurrection And Bonnie's New Role

The Vampire Dairies Season 5 Spoilers: College Life, Silas, Jeremy's Resurrection And Bonnie's New Role

The Vampire Diaries is currently busy filming in Atlanta and will reach its 100th episode at the halfway point of season 5. During the San Diego Comic Con EP and Showrunner Julie Plec, along with her amazing cast coyly teased the big plans the writers have in store for Delena, Silas/Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie and much more.

"It's going to be a nude musical episode," Ian Somerhalder joked."

Plec promises that while The Vampire Diaries wishes it's respective shipping couples all the happiness, "There's no drama in happiness."

"One of the things [we will try] to do is to try to keep them happy for a while in the midst of the bad things around them that are trying to tear them apart."


Ian Somerhalder admitted that he was shocked when he found out Damon would be the one Elena ultimately chose. "I thought they were joking. Damon never gets the girl," Somerhalder said, to which co-star Paul Wesley retorted: "Don't downplay the sexy blue eyes. Don't downplay the 'Smolderholder.' "
"It is Mystic Falls and essentially you can't be that happy for that long, so there's always got to be that drama," Somerhalder added.
"It's the honeymoon phase," Nina Dobrev said. Joked Wesley: "I've done this for three years ... it gets exhausting."

A View to a Kill

Stefan ~ Silas
As for the Stefan-Silas cliffhanger, Wesley had been aware of the reveal for a while, even lying to his co-stars -- including Somerhalder -- about it. "You actually told me early on and swore me to secrecy," Wesley said, voicing his excitement for further exploring the Ripper years.
When asked if Silas was season five's big bad, Wesley believed it to be true: "I think so." But Plec interjected: "[The] big bad sometimes gets effed with or vanquished by a bigger bad." As the crowd was treated to a scene featuring Silas (as Stefan) addressing a crowd of townspeople questioning how far his powers can go.

"It's not going to be good for her. Everything she's been doing, she's been hiding behind this face and using vampirism as an advantage to get people to do what she wants, she's going to be [insecure]," Dobrev said. "It's going to take a lot of getting used to."


College Life
Elena will be going to college in season five, Dobrev said, but she had questions about how she actually got to that position and her specific field of study.
Elena won't be the only one experiencing college for the first time.
"She's pretty determined to get Tyler to college so they can finally be together since Klaus is gone," Candice Accola said, adding, "They can't get by with the same tricks that they did in Mystic Falls." Another nugget? There may be some new friends joining in on the fun.

The Walking Dead

Bonnie's death will play a substantial part in the new season. "The only person she can communicate with is Jeremy," Kat Graham said, revealing that there will be significant Bonnie-Jeremy moments. "We'll see how long she can keep the secret for."
"The first couple of episodes Bonnie's not going to realize that she herself sacrificed her own life and the grief that comes attached with that," Plec added. Executive producer Caroline Dries said that because "Bonnie's on the other side, we get to have the perspective of what the other side looks like."

Jeremy's reincarnation will be addressed right off the bat, Plec said, with Elena and Jeremy working on a cover story. Now that Elena's off to college, Damon and Jeremy are roommates, which may be the cause of some of the show's comedy, the panelists revealed.

The Vampire Diaries season 5 premieres Thursday, October 3rd @8:00 on the CW!!!
Source: Hollywood Reporter