‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoiler Round-up: Transitions, Titles, Big Secrets And A Significant Death

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August 3, 2012

I am happy to share a slue of new spoilery goodness for The Vampire Diaries. EP Julie Plec reveals insight into Elena’s new challenges as a vampire compared to Caroline’s seemingly effortless transition. In addition, Plec also gives fans a look into the first four episodes of season 4.

“Caroline as we remember is a control freak and a perfectionist. So when she set her mind to being great as being a vampire, she just rocked it. And maybe one day she’ll crack and collapse like a Juilliard pianist under pressure, but until then, she’s a rock star. So Elena’s going to have a much more difficult time with it. Every piece of compassion she’s ever felt for anybody will be magnified, every piece of grief she’s ever felt will be magnified, every piece of rage she’s ever felt will be magnified. She’s going to go through a lot, and it’s not going to be quick, and it’s not going to be easy. How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems,” showrunner Julie Plec tells us. “While Damon can understand and appreciate that Stefan [Paul Wesley] wants to protect her… [Damon thinks,] ‘Name one vampire who went through the newbie phase and didn’t take a life,’” says Julie.

Another burning question was answered during the TCA Press Tour when CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed,

“It’s Damon’s blood which helped [turn Elena], but they never discovered who their sire was in any of the things. They think it’s Klaus, but they’re not sure.”

Episode 2 will be called “Memorial”, and this ominous title may shed more light on what TV Line teased earlier.

“While someone gets killed soon after the show starts, it’s actually the person responsible for the death that makes it significant.”

Episode 4 will be our first flashback friendly episode of season 4, featuring a trip to the 1100′s to give more insight into Original sister Rebekah.

We’ll meet a vampire hunter named Alexander who was rugged, handsome and charismatic. The 4th episode will also unearth a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” teases EP Julie Plec.

Source: TV Guide, EOnline, Wetpaint

  • rk212005

    i would like to know how caroline reacts when she sees fake tyler again in season 4 im guessing 1st episode? and somehow figures out that its not tyler its klaus

  • Vics

    Who are they killing off now?