The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 8 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” Sneak Peek #2

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December 3, 2012

Enjoy this second sneak peek for The Vampire Diaries, season 4 episode 8 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.

  • michelle

    Ah, Elena’s face when she sees Damon…. She looks happy now!
    That chemistry is deniable, you can almost feel it! And THEIR love will be the epic love, basically it already is!
    Looking forward to their girls night, btw! I bet Caroline (and possibly Bonnie) is gonna freak out if/when Elena tells her that she slept with Damon. Season 4, I like you very very much.

  • michelle

    Oh and the look and Caroline’s face when Elena says “don’t listen to her.” I liked that!
    Elena needs to stop being afraid of what everyone else think about her being with Damon, and start doing the things that makes her happy. And by that I mean keep doing Damon

  • elena parker

    oh my god i love them xD elena cant wait to be with damon :)))))

  • louise

    amen to that :) love it and i just cant wait to see them on thursday.. :D love it love it love it:) screw the sire thing FINALLy she looks happy, normal and in love, i very much feel it:)

  • Lunlun

    still couldnt accept the whole sire bond idea..bcoz Elena drank blood from Damon once??? If this could possibly happen and push her sired to Damon, then they all should be sired to Klaus..I mean they had drunk Klaus’s hybrid blood to save their lives, remember? it doesnt even make sense!!!

  • Jennifer

    She isn’t sired to Damon because she drank his blood. She’s sired to Damon because his blood turned her into a vampire. Caroline said that it was very rare for vampires to be sired, which explains why none of the other vampires on the show are.

  • Oldine

    I just want delena to happen! She is finally happy with damon. Can’t the writers leave that alone. Uk what? SCREW THE SIRED BOND!! Elena loves damon with or without it!! She has been in love with damon before the sire bond!

  • Andy

    As I’ve said the sire bond ruined it for me but saw this YT ( which has the sex scene minus Stefan and Claroline’s cock-blocking.
    It was epic.

    Hoping the sire bond doesn’t mess things up, can’t wait for Thursday.
    Hope that despite Stefan and Damon’s road trip that there’s more Delena scenes other than this one.

    Delena for endgame!

  • elena parker

    Yeah they make this sire shit up and then explain it with “it’s RARE but it happens -.- and of course it happens to delena

  • michelle

    There’s is more Delena scenes:) If you watched the promo, you see them in bed together, and Elena is wearing his shirt (I think.)

  • rita kasparian

    i wonder what episode caroline will finally have to pick between klaus and tyler maybe episode 9 i guess that would be close to the middle of the season? besides its almost time for them to graduate out of high school so maybe caroline will be the first to leave town considering matt has to stay to watch over jermy because hes still in high school so elena caroline and bonnie might as well leave the town i think bonnie is the one going to college but i dont know about caroline and elena however stefan and damon will probably end up staying close to where ever elena goes i guess

  • Caroline

    It would make sense if you’d have read the books. in the books, when you turn into a vampire, you are temporarily sired to the vampire who gave you his blood. But as far as I remember it’s only temorarily. It’s because vampire blood has (at least in the books) this strong seductive aura to it and is very powerful (–> see bloodsharing, which is something very intimate). They are not sired to klaus, because they didn’t turn into vampires after drinking his blood. They either were already vamps or just didn’t turn. Nevertheless, would the show be true to the books, they should have had sexual fantasies about Klaus, because that’s what happens when you drink a vampire’s blood. But if you ask me, that would have been kind of funny to watch, seeing Damon fantasize about klaus… :D

  • Andy

    Caroline is a newbie, she really shouldn’t be right or know so much.

  • fefedolls

    I agree wiv oldine SCREW the SIRE BOND shit….. She has always luvd him wivout it, dey r jst givin unnecessary reasons to end d delena scenes. We tired of d whole stelena boring drama, too much morals in d picture, we nid sth fun nd crazy