The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 “My Brother’s Keeper” Sneak Peek #2

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November 26, 2012

Here is a second sneak peek for this Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, season 4 episode 7 “My Brother’s Keeper”.

  • michelle

    I really don’t like Stefan anymore.. I feel bad for him, though.
    But, I’ve been wishing for Delena since s01, and we all deserve to see them together, at least for a while(forever).. So, Stefan, stop being such a b****, and go find yourself a rebound.

  • louise

    i agree all the way. damon doesnt let his MANY turn downs from Elena get in the way of Stephan and he has acctually always helped and supported them, i understand if he doesnt just jump in the arms of Elena and give it some time, also too wait for his brother too come around- why doesnt Stephan get mad at Elena shes the one who just broke up with him.. i think Damon really feels bad for his brother and want too go out drink and bitch over Elena, that way Stephan could make sure that Damon didnt take her right away, he is asking for it, behaiving like that.. suck it up – worse things has happened!!

  • Michelle

    Exactly! My guess is, if something does happen between Damon and Elena this episode, its gonna be completely spontaneous, and they’ll probably feel guilty afterwards.. Of course, I’m totally hoping they’ll finally have the chance to be a couple, but I don’t think thats gonna happen right away..
    And after all, Stefan was the one breaking up with Elena.. And its not her “fault” that she’s not the same person anymore. Damon likes her either way, and that’s the kind of person she should be with. And not the guy who’s trying to find a cure for her vampirism, but the guy who’s wants to be with her even if there is no cure to find.
    So I really do hope we get to see them together now, he deserves to be loved back for once.