The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 7 “My Brother’s Keeper” Photos

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November 8, 2012

The CW has released a set of promotional images for the November 29th episode of The Vampire Diaries, “My Brother’s Keeper”. It’s time to crown a new Miss Mystic Falls with guest appearance by Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas.

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    The Delena picture makes my heart melt. OMGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    The Delena picture melts my heart <3 OMGGGGGGGGGGG

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    The Delena picture melts my heart <3 OMGGGGGGGGGG

  • Twin Flames ? Delena

    You forgot this picture of KLAROLINE. Klaus almost kissing Caroline.

  • Uncle Jackass

    Now the only problem is ‘The Waiting Game’…. Can’t wait!!!

  • seeper

    Elena has no idea Stefan is trying to save her life.
    She’s mad because she doesn’t understand why happened in the Killer ep.
    When she realizes how much he loves her, she will regret hurting him by using Damon.

  • Delena8D


  • Nadia

    i love stelena but elena never treats stefan the way he deserves!! :(

  • sdgdas

    YOU FORGOT ONE PICTURE OF KLAROLINE!!!!!!!!!! When they almost kiss !!

  • andrea

    I have this feeling that delena is starting to happen!

    1. anyone notice stefan carrying a big bag pic? ( I assume he’s planing to leave town,( but probably something happen and cancel it, because he still in town in ep. 9, they make the deal right? the one get the girl and the other one leave the town and is that is stefan idea in the first place)

    2. there’s no spoilers for episode 8, while spoilers for episode 9 is everywhere! is there something big happen there?

    3. and the spoilers for episode 9 is out already, and damon and elena doing another road trip together, which is doesn’t make sense remembering how jealous stefan was at several first episode… unless… unless stelena it’s officially over…

  • liajones

    ya they did :/

  • liajones

    for someone who’s big on Elena making her own choices, he’s keeping her out of the loop on a verrry big one. besides, Elena is not using Damon, she has a real connection with him and she has feelings for him, he’s the one who apparently after “The Killer” loves her unconditionally, for the human and the vampire in her.

  • liajones

    i can’t wait till the 29th. :( it’s too much for my poor heart to handle :p

  • Nicole

    i’m all for klaus and caroline! they’re what is keeping me interested, i miss the originals. i’ve come to hate elena…a lot. hypocritical whiny martyr ugh blahh boring. i think caroline or rebekah are much more interesting.

  •!/natashafine Natasha Fine

    Updated!! Thanks for letting me know :)

  • rita kasparian

    they finallyadded the picture klaus trying to kiss caroline and where the hell is tyler in all this crap?

  • rita kasparian

    i think she finally gave in to klaus by episode 7 but then again are they in episod 6 together at all? some of the spiolers said thatcaroline will turn toklaus for anwsers about tyler haley so they she be in episode6 together right ?

  • rita kasparian

    or maybe shes turnedoverto the darside …………lol

  • rita kasparian

    ok the klaus and caroline picture the one where klaus is about to kiss caroline she looks like shes steping away from klaus with a wide shock face while klaus looks maybe to serious ?

  • rita kasparian

    klaus has aserious face look ashes geting closer to caroline while caroline is either pulling away from klaus but with wide eyes and shock that hewould even try to kiss her at all

  • rita kasparian

    thats the way i see this picture

  • rita kasparian

    and carolineand klaus are touching nose to nose klaus is standing right in front of caroline while his nose touchese her nose thats just funny caroline looks like shes about to say something or ……. she thought klaus was about to kiss her but caroline has her mouth open as if she was waiting for klaus to actually kiss her but hes just standing there touching nose to nose serious look wanting to kiss caroline however klaus doesnt have his mouth open to kiss caroline so why does klaus have a serious look on his face while standing so close to caroline and while does caroline look at klaus with a shock at she has her mouth open???

  • Guest

    Anyone else thinking this whole back and forth between stefan and damon is getting old!? She has had two entire seasons dedicated to choosing one and she still isnt happy with either! Elena is all like ‘I never wanted this…wah wah” and Stefan is busy trying to find her a cure and Damon is still trying to win her over. I’m pretty sure you will find none of them wanted it in the first place and would be much happier with other people. Move on! Seriously new story line is needed or more focus on Bonnie and Caroline.

  • Michelle

    So, havent anyone noticed that Elena and Stefan is drifting further and further apart?
    I think she probably will break up with him when she finds out that he’s been keeping this secret from her. Even though she might understand Why he did it, she still trusted him to tell her the truth no matter what.. And with that said,, DELANA FTW!

  • jemma

    More Caroline and Klaus :) want them to get together!<3<3 Sick of Elena tbh Just pick one already! Would love for Stefen to break up with her and then meets someone new! See who is jealous then :L hehe