‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Episode 2 “Memorial” Photos

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October 11, 2012

The CW has released a few spoilery treats for the second episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Memorial”. October 18th, the residents of Mystic Falls will be attending someone’s memorial, but who’s? Original Alaric, or someone else?! Whatever the case may be, something goes terribly wrong and everyone will suffer it’s affects, some more than others. Sound off below with your thoughts, speculations and theories :D

  • sarahliz

    I have a feeling this has something to do with Pastor Young, the newcomer in town, that wants to rid the town of all its vampires.

  • rita kasparian

    this doesnt make any sense!

  • rita kasparian

    is tyler back to his old self again in ep2 of season 4 ? or is it still klaus? i have so many questions how long before caroline realizes that shes with FAKE TYLER ?

  • Klaus<3<3

    I think he’s back to his own body. Because in this picture:


    It seems like bonnie is trying to put back Klaus in his own body because you can see a coffin on the picture and “Tyler” is there. Look:


  • Mashii90

    I actually think Klaus still is inside Tyler’s body i the 2nd episode.
    Maybe in the end of the episode they find a way to put him back into his own body.

    It’s going to be really good when Caroline finds out what has been going on and I’m actually also really excited to see how Caroline reacts – Both towards Bonnie who did this and Klaus, because I think she did like him and thought of him …

    I just can’t wait !!! :D

  • rita kasparian

    i think we have 2 more weeks to go until this sho comes back

  • rita kasparian

    well something interesting happened season 4 ep 1!!


    They are mourning the dead councel members who died in the fire. But they didnt just ‘die’ and they will not rest in peace. Tyler will get attacked protecting Caroline who will be busy trying to protect Tyler- love, it makes you careless.
    Damon will be bored and a bored Damon is a dangerous Damon. He will tease the newly vamped out Elena and insist on her feeding on human blood, but Stefan (of course) will have a problem with that. For all you Delena Fans, know that there is still hope for our troubled vamped. Elena will have to give up her subpressed ways and give into her true self or risk snacking on the entire town. Klaus will be up to his old tricks and he will force Bonnie to use black magic once more to try to bring Elena’s soul back to her body to make her human once more so he can make his hybrids. There’s way more im thinking about inside this cluttered head of mine…. but i think that Damon will be returned to his human form. I have a feeling he will become human instead of Elena. Klaus will be livid with no Elena blood but i have another twisted feeling that Caroline is pregnant and Klaus will want her baby hybrids to himself. t.l.hobbs@hotmail.com If you wanna know more of what i think will happen email me and we can go crazy trying to figure it all out, lol!

  • Mashii90

    Whaaaaat ?? :-o
    Yeah, we kind of figured as much, but the pastor killed the councel, not Damon or anyone else, except of course if he got compelled to do it which I don’t think he did, but we’ll find out :) Who do you think will attack Tyler ? Conner perhaps ? But the episode guide says that Caroline will be busy helping Elena.
    Vampires can’t become pregnant so how could/should Caroline be with child ? :S And with who ?