The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19 “Pictures Of You” Promo

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March 29, 2013

Here’s the first promo for The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 19 “Pictures Of You” airing Thursday April 18th on The CW.

  • DEfamily_Lover

    If Stelena get back together then TVD Is turning Into a joke! Seriously they make no sense at all!

  • Andy

    I agree but I don’t think thats the case in this promo.
    I think either the Salvatores or Elena is playing the other, more likely Elena.

  • Fikisha Broadnax

    I have to agree with you on that. I think Elena is better off with Damon, but I have to admit I really don’t care for the new Elena that much. If she ever does turn her humanity back on it is going to kill her when she realizes how many people she killed.

  • Keshia

    The show was better with Stelena and the suspense of Delena it’s just pointless.

  • sineadk

    It actually makes me sick that Elena goes to every dance with Stefan! The only reason they got to dance together in previous seasons was due to Stefan going on a bender, taking care of business or what not! This is actually ridiculous! Julie needs to wake up and see Damon should be given a break!!

  • LoveTVD

    Only Stefan can get Elena to feel again. Her love for Damon was not as strong as her love for Stefan. She was sired to? Damon.

  • michelle

    Obviously Damon and Stefan are trying to make her turn her emotions back on again
    I don’t think she’s going with Stefan to prom, but I think Damon tells her that Stefan is planning to leave, and something happens between them that makes her feel again ( and yeah, it sucks people! we all see where this is heading, Stelena again and all that) but to be honest, I’d rather have Stelena than just emotionless Elena being mean to both brothers.. And I’m usually Delena ALL THE WAY..

  • DEfamily_Lover

    Will you people wake up!! Damon will be the one to bring back Elena’s humanity!! He doesn’t wanna fix her, he just wants to do the right thing, even if that means losing her!! FYI: Promos can be deceiving! I respect everyone’s opinion but c’mon there Is no sparks between Stefan and Elena. Elena will choose Damon this time <3

  • Ana Neves

    I think this Elena knows what the borthers are trying to do (bring her humanity back) and she’s playing with them for revenge. remember Damon with Lexi? It’s almost the same :S

  • Stefancandubetta

    Delena is so fake! Damon was so cool since the start of the show but it sickened me to watch how he chased after his brother’s sloppy seconds. and now its like their thing…we f**k the same girls!! First Katherine now Elena…its so weird and gross. I love how Delena fans think they will actually end up together, he switched off her humanity, she’s killing ppl..what’s gonna happen when she gets it back and guilt sinks in? Do you think they will ride off into the sunset then???

  • Older VD Fan

    UGH!!! I’m sorry , but I ABSOLUTELY can’t stand the Elena character right now. I don’t know why Julie Plec chose to go this route with Elena, but it SUCKS!! The first 3 seasons, I really liked Elena and I rooted for her and Damon, but this current season her character is totally unlikeable!! It was more subtle at the beginning of the season when she first turned, but now that her humanity is off I can barely watch an episode without becoming seriously annoyed!! I’m much more into the Caroline/Klaus storyline. They have a really great chemistry and they have a much more interesting dynamic than Elena/Damon/Stefan. Unfortunately, Damon has become a total wuss, Stefan is just useless, and Elena is a HEINOUS B!TCH to both of them.

  • !StelenaAllTheWay!

    Damon might be what Elena have wanted, but Stefan is what Elena needs!!! So, Stelena all the way!!

  • mr.king

    thats true

  • Jesse

    Just one word – STELENA!