The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 14 “Down the Rabbit Hole” Sneak Peek #2

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February 12, 2013

Watch the second sneak peek from The Vampire Diaries, season 4 episode 14 “Down the Rabbit Hole” in the video below!

  • kat

    I really hope that caroline well be on the spin off!!

  • DEfamily_Lover

    I just love the way Caroline Is always sweet & nonjudgmental towards Klaus LOL.

  • Adrianna Josie Aiello

    I think the spin off takes place before the Originals came to Mystic falls.

  • Mashii90

    I thought that too, but then why is Phoebe Tonkin on the Spin Off ? :O

  • michelle

    The spin off is about the past and the present:) But I still doubt we’re gonna see much of Caroline in it..