The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 “After School Special” Promo

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December 14, 2012

The originals are back and they are thirsty! Now the war begins in the epic return of The Vampire Diaries, Thursday January 17th on CW.

  • Anna Doe

    Quit whining Stefan! Have you already forgotten how you treated Elena, AFTER Klaus freed you from his compulsion in S03? Damon might be selfish but he isn’t self-righteous and half the hypocrite Stefan is. Regarding Forwood, time to Tyler to dump that blabbermouth GF of his! Always meddling with people’s biz when Elena’s true BFF a.k.a. Bonnie who has more reasons than Caroline to hate Damon isn’t judging. Tonight’s mid-finale was definitely a game changer for me: I am now officially on Team Damon, the only vampire of MF other than Klaus, with a non-dead brain, and I am also definitely shipping Delena from now on.

  • Lunlun

    as Damon said before: Welcom to the club!! Lol..

  • Andy

    Now I want Klaus dead more than ever!

    On one hand I’m disappointed at Damon’s decision as the relationship is over but on the other hand he did the right thing so when Elena is free of the bond, when they get together and they must, it’ll be more epic.

    Stefan and Caroline are getting on my nerves.

    Good to see Rebekha back.

  • michelle

    Can I just say that I LOVED Klaus this episode? First showing his humanity, opening up to Stefan. And when he kills his hybrids, you can see he’s feeling betrayed, and god, he’s hot. Can I even say that? hahah .. I’ve missed the old massmurdering Klaus!
    And now, I finally got my hopes up for Delena again too, even though it hurt when he told her to leave and be free, I think this is good for them. They will be together, and it will all be because she loves him! And he will know it for sure!

  • Duuude

    Stefan is probably shouting at Elena, because she probably told about that night she slept with Damon. But c’mon who is Stefan to complain about ripping his heart out when he did those awful things to Elena. I have a feeling that this will end with Delena. And if they end up together again than it will be because they love each other not because of sire bond!

  • cath

    after all stefan had done in season 3 ,i dont think he has the right to be mad at elena..