The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 “After School Special” Promo #2

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January 14, 2013

Enjoy this second promo for this week’s return of The Vampire Diaries, season 4 episode 10 “After School Special”.

Source: TV Fanatic

  • louise

    thats right elena – amazing :D:D finally she admits it, and then its also a problem.. but i thinks its cool!!! :D delena<3

  • Carlos.

    OMG finally Elena says it all! Now Delena Love will be unstoppable <3 This EP will be EPIC!

  • lisa

    okay stefan just has to realize now what a great guy he is and let damon and elena live in their bubble because it will pop soon enough !:) she is totally brainwashed because the old elena would never ever ever do that to stefan :)

  • Uncle Jackass

    Technicalities… the props to a plot device…

  • Sara

    Amen!!!!!! Agree 100%

  • artta

    I think this too. Elena as a human would never ever say that to stefan or even do this to him. I still think they will end up together. It’s Elena and Stefan…i will allways be !!!!!

  • chanty

    delena are end game..get it right & elenas changed and when shes human again she’ll still want damon always. stefan was her 1st love but damon is her true love in season 3 rose said’they change each other’ thats why stefan needs to hear it just like damon had to before <3 delena forever <3 u'll see!!

  • chanty

    also dont think shes saying that to stefan its too caroline or rebecka, stefan jus there too ovbz. but if it was just him im sure she would have done it nicer….wats with al this brainwashed shit shes sired & a vampire with heightened feelings do u watch the show lol

  • e

    what is the song in the promo called? Im so happy that elena finally gets a piar of balls and admits that she loves him without any damn remorse. Its about time she got backbone, she’s a vampire for christsakes

  • Damonsfanaticfan

    She finally admitted it! I like Stefan and I really didn’t want to see him hurt, but let’s be honest DELENA is the best couple ever. That’s a true love story!