‘The Vampire Diaries’ Renewed For Season 3!

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May 12, 2011

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The Vampire Diaries cast and crew are back in Atlanta filming season 3 as I type and TVD is set to premiere Thursday September 15th on the CW at 8/7c. EP Kevin Williamson just previewed season 3 with fresh spoilers and Paul Wesley promises fans a fresh, intriguing dynamic between Damon, Elena and Stefan. Below you’ll find the short promo just released to whet everyone’s appetites for a phenomenal season 3!

Spoilers have already been released for episode 01 of season 3, “Birthday”, which will center around Elena’s 18th birthday. The spoiler fairies have also brought us some set photos from episode 01 and BTS’s pics featuring Joseph Morgan~Klaus, Paul Wesley~Stefan and guest star David Gallagher~Ray Sutton.

For more of the latest season 3 spoilers and scoop, you should visit our Vampire Diaries homepage where there are over 20 new TVD S3 articles!

  • StefanObsessed<3

    Actually, it does, because Elena was killed with something Emily wanted to stop, and Jeremy wasn’t, Emily’s punishing Bonnie and Jeremy (because he probably hasn’t lost feelings for the two girls) for something that shouldn’t be helped. It makes sense, you just have to have a good understanding of the show first.

  • Tabita

    Yeah….I think Ian is the funniest in the crew….I really dont like Candice and Zach…they just sound desperate…Paul is right too..

  • Tabita


  • Levana Cooper

    Looks gay from my point of view

  • Shon Cooper

    I want 2 b a vampire

  • Levana Cooper

    No u dont

  • Dandiilovesdamon…yummy…

    ii knoO Damon iis soOo RIIGHT …they should go with his idea ……i liike wat jeremy said toO …..TEAM DELENA ALL THE WAY (: !!!!!

  • Che_eurie08

    i really really love stefan and ellena love team.
    they really look good together.
    hope in season ,they will be together again.

  • Nict2000

    When is season three coming out

  • Mslime92

    When does season 3 start???? Anyone??

  • Buffy

    I’m totally for ian’s idea too because ever since i first saw damon i new him and elena should be together but i also want stefan to come back

  • GrAzY vAmPiRe

    I am totally for your and for Ian’s idea OMG I love him so much his so hot I like him so much

  • Knivestyler

    thumbs up for that

  • Melz’a

    I like Ian’s idea but instead of taking Nina he can take me. That boy is seroiusly HOT STUFF!

  • Naape

    nice movie

  • EloiseLayton

    vampire diaries rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Blueraiderprincess

    i want 2 c more of elena/damon and caroline/tyler :)

  • christin

    i love ian he is my best actor he is so ……………. hot

  • gust

    why would Elena go to paris with damon

  • Love Kitty 7

    I agree with ian i want to see more damon & elena they would be the best couple Ever i absolutely love the idea of delena

  • Smileymiley126

    ummm i dont think so paul wesely is super HOT hot  hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweetheidy2010

    can’t wait to watch season3 of it….i’m so excited to know what would happen to stephan !!!!! i adore ian somerholder!!!!!so cute,lol!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Muddassir-Hassan/100000380423531 Muddassir Hassan

    what about season three at which time season three releases

  • http://twitter.com/justins_aussies Clo

    stefan and elena just need to get married or something hjbsdfwejas i love them so much

  • Mhcz


  • Vampire-i1

    ??????? ????? ??????  ????? ????? ????
    ????? ????


  • Marleen

    I agreee  , but season 3 , I think that maybe damon have to show elena how much he loves her .. And Elena like that . Stefan : You need to listen damon , and have some fun a little , U are so serious all the time .. Take time out for 5 min remember ? :D , and go with elena somewhere :) , And Stefan , if you think that damon is so funny all the time , and he don’t think about that what happens if he doesn’t think . But revenge  helps you out ;) . and i want to say how sorry i am  because , my english isnt so good :// . But thats OK :)

  • hanaa.x

    i seriously agree with ian thats a great idea nd paul shud defo loosen up a bit! = )

  • AishaAOsman

    I Think …Ian should be in the spot light during almost the whole thing…I even think they should call it the Damon diaries……at least thats what I call it

  • AishaAOsman

    I think Paul is gr8 jst the way he is…and no If Ian makes a run for it…then no one will stick around to irritate stefan anymre…Right?? and one of the bst things about Damon is the funny sarcastic things he says to stephan

  • Lil_miss_nell

    why do you keep on putting that comment Anano98-98??? It’s really annoying!
    I cant make my mind up who I like better tbh… stefan is just absalutely stunning and adorable and damon is just pure charming ;) <3

  • Yaday

    In the books Elena does go with Damon…and she is turned into a vampire by the end of the first or second book..

    Though the series is nothing like the books I still love and am addicted to it ; )

  • CC

    Ian and Nina’s chemistry blows all other TV couples out of the water, okay, BUT personally I don’t want to see Damon chasing Elena this season. He’s been there, done that in the previous two. And there’s more to Damon than being a lovesick sap pinning for Elena. Damon also deserves to be really loved rather than two screwed up chicks playing with his head. No, the next move is Elena’s and she has a lot of sorting out to do. I want to see the old Damon this year fighting Klaus for his brother.

  • Neavie

    Lol , i think that caroline and the wearwolve should get together

  • laura

    Ian is soooo HAWT!!!!XD <3

  • vampire diaries fan


  • Claire

    i luv ian’s idea, and i agree with paul, stefan has to loosen up. i cant wait for season 3!!!!! and ian is sooo HOT  

  • Isabel

    I want that Elena loves Damon!!! Damon has a realy hard live, I mean everybody he loves, don’t love him back and loves his brother. Isn’t that sad???

  • RST

    well for me, damon and stefan are one caractere(bcz of there love for Elena) with two faces, damon is simply damon, does the wrong things but for the ryt reasons, even thought it cld hurt ppl, but they cannot not love him, he does everything with his brain, that others have their hearts dominating the brain.. and stefan is too tender, he does everything with his heart.. no one has to die for no one, just make a compromise, we don’t like seeing heroes die, its too tragic & not heroic, it’s just selfish.. cause if this person die u’ll be the one in pain, so u’ll suffer more than them, that’s why you’d rather do die in their place!! and Elena, is the most complicated person, cause she just thinks about everyone and doesn’t realy care about herself, but what she doesn’t know that everyone care about her too much and they don’t need her making their decision!! they should know wht’s best for them.. just find a compromise!!

  • Sof

    yall when does the 3rd season come out???

  • Sandymarie0822

    If damon ends up with elena I will quit watching the show. I hate when shows make u fall in love with a couple then take it away pisses me off we need tradition let the darn couple stay together no cheating please I want to watch and hope for real love

  • Ayca

    when is season 3 commencing

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abhinav-Sharma/100000389224801 Abhinav Sharma

    but klaus has steffan now what will he doo with him,,will elina accept dameon as his new lover,,,what will jeremy do abt bonnie .vicky,anna alll the ques unanswered

  • Sumomagpie

    Why oh why then does Chanel Go! not have the sense to air such a brilliant obviously popular show?!?

  • Makaylaeberhart1864

    i would love to see bonnie more in the season

  • Shelbysilk

    they are soo cool i love u so much

  • Baby_malak

    i love u very much stevan and daimond very much mwah bye

  • Miridav5

    I love stefan and elena together too..so cute
    Hes amazing to her and hes sweet to everyone else
    But I also like him with katherine

  • zy

    i hope to see more of damon and elena in season 3.more delena pls? being the good guy now-he’ll be protecting elena in case stefan cant contorl his thirst fo blood.right? in turn damon will save his bro from claus,and they might need elijah and bonnie of course.

  • Zena

    i dont want damon to run off with elena, i want stephan to stay serious and do anything for elena, as much as i love drama and elena loving both stephan and damon, i just want elena and stephan to get their happily ever after, i want kathrine to turn good and love damon, and damon love her back, i want all the originals to die, i want mat and caroline to love eachouther, i want tyler to leave town, i want hes mum to die, i want elena, jermy & mat to turn into vampires, i want jeremy and boni to be together, i want elena to be safe, and i want stephan and elena to get married :) that way everyone gets their happily ever after, but that wont happen until the vampire diaries has reached its last episode :( i hope thats all happens before then ! dont finish anytime soon, and release more episodes online ! its n my mind all the time, even in my dreams, you should release an episode every day !

  • zac

    wat his a gud person

  • Tasha

    So I think Damon and Elena should hook up and play happy family in the Salvatore house forever!… And that Stefan should hook up with Katharine and they can both be baddie vamps together.

    But as long as Damon still wears those sexy leather jackets, he will always be the true bad boy :)

  • sero


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001192902636 Bindya Singh

    Hey Stefan is cute just the way he is…. I love him like that

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001192902636 Bindya Singh

    Hey Stefan looks cute just the way he is.. I love him like that

  • Rana fathi

    ian i really adoreee youu <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    I Wish Every Day Just To Meet You In Real :'( <3<3<3

  • lilyann

    pauls gonna play paris in the new this new romeo and juliet
     i think he’s the perfect one even though this romeo and juliet wont be as good as the one with leonardo dicaprio as the new romeo isn’t that good looking.

  • Play42

    i think elena and damon would suit and stefan bad side should come out :)

  • SydzlovesDamenSalvatore

    on the video i love the bit where Ian just got out the shower :P

  • steafen

    whne is the season 3 cumin??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OP6E725RRX2LSXC24USUXFNHRY rachela

    Damon does the sexiestt thingg withh hiss eyees and i lovee it. It drives me crazzy. His eyes have the most amazing color.

  • Mustang-girl

    i hate how they can make such an irresistable person like damon, it makes you hate the fact that they make all so real and then reality hits you, well i hope damon doesnt die

  • Goodatevony

     i know Damon is SUPER hot, but i dunno why i like stefan more!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nkjdgz

    that’s the way I like it!

  • April

    OMG!!! elena saw Damon naked!!! i really want them to be together!! Gosh, what am i going to do before SEASON 3!!!???????

  • Asdfgh

    stefan is a hypocrite

  • juliaan x

     SESON THREE =D ‘woop,woop,woop’ =p x

  • Iamtheprincessnody

    i want the news or videos or even photo
    an examplr

  • Iamtheprincessnody

    what are u talking about foolish girl paul wesly is so so handsome are u crazy:p

  • nody

    i agree with u

  • Iamtheprincessnody

    i love your opinion

  • stephanie

    are elena and stefan will stay together in season 3 i hope so ????

  • stephanie

    @paul wesley is the best he is so hotttttttt??? Nina Dobrev you have really lukky xxxxxxx

  • guest

    ahhh LOVE <3 the last part of the spoiler vid with elena and damon!!!!

  • Rawanja

    Damon is the best….Stephan is way up tight

  • Phayerah

    damon awl th’way . damon damon damon rulez
    damon is super hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt i dnt kno y buh elena shud jus give him a chance . they suit bettr . as a couplefr real life n in th’show . <3 lol

  • Ramute Lopetaite

    wau.. gal turite kas nors 2 sezono visas serijas?

  • Christianenenche

    can’t wait for season three cos the suspense is unbearable…

  • Eirini111

    ian is so handsome!!I really like him.I want him to be with nina

  • Bella

    will stefan and elena still b together? i really want to no hahha