‘The Vampire Diaries’ Renewed For Season 3!

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May 12, 2011

Are you looking for The Vampire Diaries season 4? Check out the homepage or our season 4 page for more news and spoilers!

The Vampire Diaries cast and crew are back in Atlanta filming season 3 as I type and TVD is set to premiere Thursday September 15th on the CW at 8/7c. EP Kevin Williamson just previewed season 3 with fresh spoilers and Paul Wesley promises fans a fresh, intriguing dynamic between Damon, Elena and Stefan. Below you’ll find the short promo just released to whet everyone’s appetites for a phenomenal season 3!

Spoilers have already been released for episode 01 of season 3, “Birthday”, which will center around Elena’s 18th birthday. The spoiler fairies have also brought us some set photos from episode 01 and BTS’s pics featuring Joseph Morgan~Klaus, Paul Wesley~Stefan and guest star David Gallagher~Ray Sutton.

For more of the latest season 3 spoilers and scoop, you should visit our Vampire Diaries homepage where there are over 20 new TVD S3 articles!

  • rehema


  • team damon

    stefan dont suit bad guy 

  • Alif_shaja

    vampire diaries is just awsum………..

  • russo

    gweat give us morepliz

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andreea-Ivan/100002120865424 Andreea Ivan

    i can’t wait :X:X:X:

  • Delana..x <3

    wats damons idea??

  • leng2

    i like paul than ian.. paul is more handsome n cute 4 me..

  • Zoey

    Gosh, i’m confused…..is season 3 on torrents or not?
    sooooo  desperate!!!!!!

  • lola


  • lola

    oh stefan . I KNOWED !! HAHA ! ELENA AND DAAMON !! :D Sorry that’s my gloat :D

  • Hadjira02

    0MG it seems very hot series i can’t wait, but i do not like the new stefan.

  • Hadjira02

    0MG it seems very hot series i can’t wait, but i do not like the new stefan.

  • http://twitter.com/AmiraJustin amira saud

    l like’it
    The Vampire Diaries ^^


    I love vampire diaries. I watch it all the time. I LOVE IT.

  • Kay

    when does series 3 START?

  • Kay

    btw stefan is FIT!

  • Midnight Sun

    ooh, I so love the vampire diaries. And I don’t really care if Stefan is not coming back from his “Blood-Trip”. I’m so TEAM DELENA!!!

  • Hadeel

    still witting *_*”

  • Syedtg2010

    I like demon…. he is my hero

  • Esichona

    am a big fun of vampire diary , i jst cnt wait to watch the new seson 3

  • Princess_of_hiphop1988

    when is tvd out in uk??? 

  • Dveehdyewxcj

    Ian is soooo fineeeet fittt!!!!

  • Lenlee

    wow! am so excited…..
    damon and elena look so cute together i loved their the kiss in episode 22 so cute
    cant wait to see how bad stephen can be…owesome

  • Lenlee

    that makes the two of us………i adore his evil look

  • Lenlee

    mmmh!…..we all adore team delena

  • Lenlee

    i know… we all dont like the new stefan but need him to be that way so that demon and elena can be…

  • Lenlee

    lets wait and see

  • Cheeky

    DAMON an stefan ar so sexy stefan is the sweet guy damon i the bad and charming one jeremy is alright lol

  • Aleeee (:


  • Meg Mason

    Shut up there both gorge, i like Damon x x x x x x x x x 

  • Meg Mason

    Damon and Stefan are so sexy, they are the cutest boys ever, when is season three coming on x x 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jmarsterson Jodie Therese Marsterson

    love vampire diaries

  • Sphediaz

    I’ll be waiting for the season 3.

  • Aaaaassssddddffghj

    I just cant wait the season 3. Im crazy in vampire diaries. what im going to do when even the season 3 will end. :(