Season 3 Scoop: Jealousy, Blood Lust And New Bromance For 'The Vampire Diaries'

Season 3 Scoop: Jealousy, Blood Lust And New Bromance For 'The Vampire Diaries'

Kristin has some juicy Vampire Diaries scoop to share! Jealousy gets the best of Caroline, Stefan is truly lost to the blood and Klaus' new bromance will have everyone reeling.

About that tasty clip of Caroline and Tyler in the short promo.

The green eyed monster of jealousy becomes Caroline’s~Candice Accola friend when she sees Tyler~Michael Trevino dancing with another girl at Elena’s~Nina Dobrev party. Looking ahead, their Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship takes a truly Shakespearean turn when someone we know—and kind of trust—aims to hurt our favorite blonde.

The Vampire Diaries EP Kevin Williamson tweeted recently that Stefan~Paul Wesley, is “out of control”. Here's what Paul Wesley had to say.

“We’re going to open up [season three] with Stefan in the middle of almost losing it,” he tell us. “And we get to watch the development of that as the season progresses. We see him slowly losing himself.” How bad is he losing himself? “Clockwork Orange style,” Paul says forebodingly. “[He's] a freaking nut-bag.”

Joseph Morgan gushes about his new bromance with Stefan 'Ripper' Salvatore.

“[They're] out having fun, painting the town red,” he says. “They’ve been on a killing binge, quite frankly. Just wreaking havoc. I’ve been slowly trying to corrupt him and bring him back to the dark side.” Since TVD's timeline will jump ahead a few months; this is what Morgan had to spoil. “I’m not sure if we’re going to flash back to that period, but [the killing] certainly hasn’t stopped. Things are only going to escalate from here, so we’re going to see how far these guys are willing to go. And Klaus is willing to go as far as it takes.”

Source: EOnline