‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Premiere Confirmed!

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June 21, 2011

The CW announced it’s Fall premiere dates today and confirmed that The Vampire Diaries will premiere Thursday September 15th at 8/7c. The official release also named TVD the CW’s #1 show! EP Julie Plec and the TVD writing team are already breaking ground on season 3 and the cast is due back in Georgia the end of July to resume filming. We’ve heard from the cast and writers about their favorite moments of season 2, but what were yours? Hit the comments below with your most memorable moments of season 2 :)!

  • Bblahblah

    i liked when elijah saved damon by doing work on the wolves

  • Jozie

    i love everything with Vampire diaries…. I wonder if Elena will turn into a Vampire soon as well to have a good ending with Stephen’s love story, but I also wanted to know what will happen to Damon, hate Catherine, but nice story and nice casts.

  • Roshan ghazalieh

    m waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    season 3 cm to me darling?

  • http://twitter.com/QueenLateepha Lateefah Abdulkareem

    Damon and Elena? Its gonna kill Stefan!

  • Theweepingprincess

    Delena kiss of course!!!!!!

    And Damons proposal to elena while dying and earlier too, Damon’s crying when Rose died.

    I wished Elena cared more for Damon, and understood him more no.of times than she misunderstood!

  • Zalyy <3

    My favorite part ws when Elena kissed Damon I didn’t see it coming and it got me really hyped up for season3!!!!!!!

  • Amandasalameh

    You guys are very good actors

  • Blair

    My favorite moments were all the Stefan and Elena moments together.  Their love is epic and so amazing!

  • Prshld_raj

    dam!! Damon is to hot 4 Elena 

  • Cathrin

    Wow, no. It’s Klaus, not Klaws or Klause. My favorite moment was the last scene with Elena, Katherine and Damon.

  • Rebecca

    Stefan Go to the dark side is so hot, and ill hate it if damon turns soft :P when he’s bad he’s the best

  • Audrey Esler

    hey i love this show its got so much drama love and teen hotties

  • Audrey Esler

    hey i love this show its got so much drama love and teen hotties

  • InLoveWithKaterina

    I’m in love with Katherine, damn I love all scenes with her in it, especially the Masquerade, so that’s episode 7… I already loved her in season one, though she wasn’t to be seen very often. Another great moment was of her coming from the shower and Damon’s reaction. How she said “We’re going to have so much fun together” to Caroline made me shiver. Nina Dobrev is a brilliant actress and she plays 2 entire different persones. The way they move is different, the sounds they make while talking is different and their way of talking in general, is different. How amazing is it when one can do that? That’s what makes me able to love Katherine more then Elena; she is the vampire. I’d hate it if she’d be gone or dead in the next season, or the one after that, et cetera. 
    Other moments are deffinately the kiss of Damon and Elena, the believable pain of Elena as Jenna dies; also Damon staking Rose, because then you see how much he can actually feel. Damn, there just are too many moments, everything is great! I CAN’T WAIT TILL SEASON 3!!!

  • Derp

     My favorite part was when Frodo threw the ring into the fire and Voldemort was all like… “NUUUUU” and then Edward was all like “RAWR” and ripped his head off while Jacob was in the forest mackin’ on Bella.

    … oh, wait…

  • turtles

    my favorite, was when people could spell… 

  • Vampire_diaries_forever

    when elena kissed damon!!!

  • Caligirl2052

    team damon:P

  • Elena Peterson

    I think the best scene was when Jenna got killed!!

  • Elena Peterson

    Damon is not even HOT, I can´t understaand why everybody is babbling about him ALL the time. Its so enoying.

  • Marina_mf7

    stefaan (L)

  • Dhreti Bhatia

    i just love to watch this …
    am happy that there will me more for me to see…

  • Rose

    Yes I agree Damon is the best