Season 3 Of 'The Vampire Diaries' Will Begin...Plus, Bonnie/Jeremy Scoop

Season 3 Of 'The Vampire Diaries' Will Begin...Plus, Bonnie/Jeremy Scoop

Katerina Graham, Steven R. McQueen and Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries shared a little of their time while in London for a Season 3 chat. The three stunning stars of the CW hit couldn't reveal much, but did confirm a tentative air-date for the Fall return of TVD; Thursday, September 8th :)! Below McQueen and Graham play off each other nicely and share a bit of spoilery insight into what season 3 will hold for their characters.
Concerning Season 3 and Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship:

"At first I think they were a little shocked by it, they were like, 'wait -- they grew up together and all of a sudden they like each other?' It was a slow boil," Graham admitted. "There was the awkward sexual tension in the beginning and the fans, by the end of it, were really rooting for the characters to get together. They went on the journey with us, I think."

"And she couldn't help herself," McQueen teasingly interjected.

"Yeah, Jeremy makes Bonnie weak in the knees," Graham laughed.

Steven also chatted about his new 'special powers' and what that may mean for Bonnie and Jeremy.

"I think this whole new twist with seeing ghosts, wherever that goes, will be interesting. It'll probably help pull him out of the dark a little bit, where he's had this fear and has been wanting to protect Bonnie and his sister and his aunt, who, again, he unfortunately couldn't. It'll be interesting to see if that kind of lightens him up a little bit -- like death isn't the end, that there can be new beginnings from that. I'm interested to see where Jeremy goes. I don't know if the whole seeing dead people thing will affect that [relationship]," McQueen confessed. "But at the end, Bonnie admits her love for him. I don't see them pulling apart at any time soon, I see things hopefully growing stronger."

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