‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Forbidden Fruit Promo Photos

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September 7, 2011

TV Line has treated The Vampire Diaries fans to a set of juicy new promo shots dubbing this season, V3. They feature Damon~Ian Somerhalder, Elena~Nina Dobrev, Stefan~Paul Wesley and Klaus~Joseph Morgan holding ‘the forbidden fruit’ and I must say, our players wear naughty well ;)

V3 premieres in 7 short days September 15th on the CW at 8/c!!!
Whose ready?!?!?


  • n.m.c

    I have a feeling all the death and pain is going to get to Elena’s head, and that she’s going to start acting like Katherine this season…uh-oh…

  • Eragon780

    I guess it already did, seeing as she kissed Damon at the end of season 2… Not that I’m complaining :D

  • Bite.me;)

    when does it start in the uk???

  • Deborahgreen5072

    I thought it was 15th September and am gutted that that is the USA date

  • Boo__boo

    i gotta feelin that i got it from my momma

  • Tyyu

    yeaaah me toooo omgg!!!!

  • Tuitti-fruiti97

    hey booboo its me ur twin :p