The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 9 “Homecoming” Promo

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November 4, 2011

Check out the first promo for The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 9 “Homecoming”.

  • Delenaaa :D

    Can’t wait! Tonights episode was just awesome.
    I liked the last scene, when Damon and Elena were lying in the bed next to eachother and talked. So cute :’)
    First I didn’t think she would let him stay there, but omg…Delena is taking a step in right direction ;)
    But I don’t understand why she didn’t kissed him? His face was sooo close to hers. I wish it would’ve been me lying next to Damon, I would have kissed him.
    Stupid Elena, she can’t see what’s right in front of her.
    Damon’s the one who has allways been there for her, and I’m sure that he would save her before saving Stefan even tho he loves his brother.

  • Stelena

    Technically Damon’s the reason Stefan left I mean if he didn’t get bit by a werewolf none of this would’ve happened and Stefan would’ve been there for her

  • miimii

    Truee, but why did damon get bit? because he was actively trying to svae elena and her friends. while stephan was sitting round brooding. Dont get me wrong. I like stefan. But elena and damon belong together. And lets be honest. Damon is a do-er. when something needs to be done he’s there. Elena needs a guy like him, even if she doesnt see it yet.

  • Bri

    So there were only 3 originals??? I thought there were more, also I really wanna see the original original petrova 

  • Daniellerinehart

    I too would like to see the original petrova, and what connection she has with the originals….

  • Katherine

    I would prefer Elena to fly solo. I don’t think the producers have any intention to focus on her relationship with Damon. Stefan and Elena have come a long way together, and for her to give up all that now that he’s bad — it’s not something Elena would do, like Elijah, she holds on to her morality. The ending was trying to bring out the importance of family, and how family is what keeps one’s humanity (Rebekah broke down, Stefan saved his brother when Michael shove his hand into damon’s ribcage) Frankly speaking, if Elena kissed Damon, it would spoil scene because that’s not how the story is suppose to be. I really like how Elena said that Stefan is not going to change because he loves her, but because he loves Damon, even though both brothers don’t openly admit it (it’s kinda cute how awkward both will be when they talk about saving each other’s life) and I think it really hit on Damon he truly loves Stefan although he blamed him for turning him into a vampire. So yeah, the ending was great, but Delena fans should hold on to their horses and not expect much to happen for the time being (though I must say, that it will be nice if NINA and IAN are dating, haha, they will make such an adorable couple!) 

  • Katherine

    True! She could be one of the innocent villagers … 

  • Jessica

    How long are they going to make me suffer without Stelena??

  • Lena

    Forever i hope :-) not that i want you to suffer…. :p But no Stelena pls, enough!

  • Jes

    They are dating in real life.

  • inci see care

    its too long to read dude 


    read a lot and most of you people want Delana to happen. am a Stephan fan but i love Damon too, for the most i don`t  care who ends up with who just everybody is happy at the end but that brings me to this Delena is just wrong very wrong. 1: Damon slept with her mother n turned her to vampire, 2: he killed her brother n was lucky with the ring, 3: he tried to turned her into a vampire, 4:saying he would kill his brother for her, 5: Stephan lost him self to save Damon and it would be weird if Elena started a thing with Damon. this five is one of many thing way Delena is wrong.

  • REDZ

    I AGREE. 

  • Ursolame

    so you dont care who ends up with who, huh? yeah right!

  • Larissa DiCosmo

    where is katherine?

  • Elena Salvatore

    omgomg, IK !!!!
    she cant bee on any vaca or anything cuzz elena and katherine are the same actor.
    i dont thinkkk shee died either , cuzz thaat would just bee stupidd .

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM !!! muffinz..

    Its not like Damon was trying to get bit by a werewolf!!!!!!! It just happend

  • :)

    But why did he have to go save her friends in the first place? because he gave her blood, so that she would come back a vampire. I agree with stelena

  • miimii

    Katherine I love your comment. Long, but worth the read. In a way it would be good to see Elena stand on her own two feet and show everyone how much she’s grown as a character in the last 2 series. I am however a huge Delena fan and whenever they have a ‘moment’ I get squishy inside lol. I can see how some people would think it would be wrong for Elena and Damon to become and item while Stefan was being all ripperish. I agree that it’s just not something Elena would do. Here is what I see happening; Stephan will not be bad forever,but while he is Elena will not move on to Damon, or anyone else for that matter. Elen and Stefan will reunite (happy reuinion)?? maybe, but too much has happened for Elena to just go back to how things were. She will take some time to be by herself and sort out her feelings for both of them, and whatever happens after that happens. I hope more than anything that she choses Damon. Their love has grown so slowly that to me it is just more real than her relationship with Stefan. And we all know that she is the only girl in this world who is right for Damon. As for other areas, I do not see Katherine being dead, she always rerurns like a bad penny. I think Elena will be the one to kill her in the end. I think Michael has great possibilities as does Rebecha. And I’m quite excited to see whats in store for Matt. I think it’s about time we got rid of KLaus though, I find him irritating. Anyone know how long tvd is going on a break for? Love this series<3

  • miimii

    Yes he gave her blood. Because he was prepared to do anything… anything to save her. While stefan was doing nothing but preparing he’s goodbyes. I like Stefan dont get me wrong, I just dont think he spends too much time brooding and not enough time on the actual action that needs to be done.

  • ShatishaAndrea

    no! did you not watch the episode? there’s a family of them. Last season’s finale showed Klaus having all of them in coffins, then he put Elijah in one. Can’t wait for someone to awaken him!

  • ShatishaAndrea


  • ShatishaAndrea


  • Stebeka

    okay that part maybe not 100% true cause am Stephan fan i would like him to end up with Elena but thats only cause he loves her so much and have given up everything for her and Damon, but if i had to choose the one for him it would be Rebekah cause she the only girl who loved him a lot without filling nothing towards Damon and after all this years thats kind of a girl he needs, the old days she was going to throw away the only one thing in her life (Klaus ) and wanted to go back to Stephan while she knew she could get killed. men thats true love  

  • Stebeka

    thats the wrong thing about it Damon was prepared to turn her into a vampire despite her will not to become one, becoming a vampire is so much more painful than dieing and if you put so much pain into another person just not you want to lose them is just wrong, Stephan knows that look at how much pain he has cause he turned his brother, thats way he didn’t think turning her to vampire is a good, and what about if she cant control it or she ends up a slut like Kathrine who doesn’t care for anyone because thats what happens after Kathrine became a vampire, only wants the good for her    

  • Stephan

    wrong he got bitten while trying to save Caroline. and if he hadnt given elena his blood from the beginning he wouldn’t have to save Caroline. and Stephan was not sitting around he was trying to understand how elena fills of becoming a vampire and he even made her forgive to forgive Damon for what he did by telling her that Damon gave her his blood cause he loves her. so dont make Stephan the bad guy here