‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 9 “Homecoming” Photos

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November 2, 2011

The CW has released an excellent batch of episode stills for The Vampire Diaries. Klaus~Joseph Morgan has been sadly missing from our TVD world, but he’ll be center stage in “Homecoming”. My Morning Jacket will also be performing during the Mystic Falls Homecoming. Go—>Discuss—>Now :)!!!

  • delena

    No picture of damon? :(


    not ONE picture od DEMON-NOT fair

  • Delenaaa :D

    I think I found Damon on picture 9, in the background!
    Atleast it could be his hair? I’m not sure, but doesn’t it look like his hair?
    anyway, can’t wait for episode 8 and 9!!
    I hope Delena will kiss before the break..

    (I’m from sweden.. I think my english is veeery far away from perfect. Just wan’t you too know ;)

  • Anonymous

    damn it, stefans back with klaus, i hoped he would be fixed soon:( STELENAA<3

  • MariWollsch

    I have a question, is Katrine dead? i know original daddy fet on her but is she dead????

    Sorry  for my bad english xxxxxxx

  • MariWollsch

    yes its him stznding with elena and my english is bad to xx

  • ME

    i hope we will find out on the next episode if she’s dead or not