The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 8 “Ordinary People” EXTENDED Promo

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October 28, 2011

Take a look at the extended promo version for The Vampire Diaries season 3, episode 8: “Ordinary People”. First promo is here.

  • Chloe_likes_cookies

    Stelena come back!!!! <3

  • DD


  • DamonDiaries

    Oh Damon and Elena !! I love them !!! :D

  • tvd

    I hope Delena happens but I also hope old Stefan comes back..its gonna be sad for stefan..can’t wait for this ep!

  • BOOM BOOM BOOM !!! muffinz..


  • Tc999

    what does damon sayat the end?

  • TehTeh B

    you know…I would much appreciate if Stefan’s feelings came back, but he kept some of the attitude…it suits him…

    as for Delena…people, you can’t love a ghost forever xD

  • Yo-hoo

    GREAT GREAT ep. last night!!! I’m only sad that they forgot to give us a Delene cute-hot scene to make it AWESOME! :( MAybe next week… 

  • DELENA!!!!

    I WANT DELENAAAA!!!!! :((


    nooooo ur stupid stwefan and elena all the WAY

  • Hotdogs

    omgexcited about next weeks episode!

  • Anonymous

    elena and stefan

  • Anonymous

    elena and stefan

  • delena

    elena and damon <3

  • Suzumiya_haruhi08

    STEFAN and ELENA <3

  • delena

    no, elena and damon<3

  • delena


  • Me4472

    hey stefan and elena have only not been together for seven epis chill ok and look everyone loves stefan he could have anyone
    klaus sister, katherine and damon has no one just give DELENA a shot ok nothing has even happend between them.

  • stop with this delena shit… i love this show but there is a reason why its called a show… 

  • meka

    has everyone forgotten that damon slept with elena’s biological mother. That’s a little gross.

  • Yo-hoo

    who cares about Isobel?? That’s SO last season anyway!

  • MalaysianGurl

    hopefully there’s a delena scene in the next ep.

  • TVD<Delena <33

    I hope Delena happens, there’s so much more Chemistry between Damon and Elena then between Stefan and Elena. I mean Stefan can always get Katherine back :P x’D

  • Lol

    Okay, i agree stelena are the perfect couple. But damon & elena should get together atleast once! To make us happy! Although i wsh stefen dies and elena is with damon. :’)