‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 7 “Ghost World” CTV Promo

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October 21, 2011

Thanks to an awesome Youtuber I can share the CTV promo for Halloween episode, “Ghost World”. There’s a lot of new spoilery footage to raise your pulse. Sound off below with your thoughts on this dramatically different promo!!

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  • Delena!

    Just watched episode 6 and I don’t know what to say…. 
    Omg, Mason???!
    Wth is he doing alive?
    And WHY haven’t Delena kissed yet?! :(

  • Testing

    agree! why aren’t they kissing?? :(

  • Dylan101090

    Lexiiii yeahii i always loved her i hope she can fix stefan i mean i love bad stefan but i want elena and him back :D BRING JENNA BACK PLEASE ALERIC NEEDS A HAPPY END!

  • Bonnie

    Hes not alive, hes a ghost? havent you been watching season 3 :S

  • Bonnie

    I knew Lexi would Kick stefans ass for being a baddy. But i kind of expected her to be the one to kick damons ass aswell. but thats MASON!!!! Going to be the BEST EPISODE!!! Jeremy kisses Anna :O Elena should definitely kiss Damon this episode :O (I know its coming!) I HATE Rebekah, she better stay away from Tyler! :)

  • http://twitter.com/patriciadugger Patricia

    oh god lexi PLEASE don’t fix stefan. i’ll cry. i was never a stefan fan until he became ripper stefan and what about klaus?

    So this is what i got from that: since matt and vickie screwed up the “blanace” or whatever ghost are running around and everybody can see them? (i thought only super natural creatures, but in the extended promo alaric talks to mason so that’s ruled out…) so lexi goes and tries to fix stefan (which i really hope will NOT work) and a bunch of people come to get “revenge” on damon. he then goes and asks for bonnie’s help to fix this ghost problem. they all meet up at some carnival/school event or whatev. they lock stefan up in the tomb right where caroline was… himmm what else…oh! and jeremy and bonnie are gonna be over in the next couple episodes. she’ll hook up with matt.

  • JackieO

    I hope Lexi can help Stefan/Elena reunite.
    OMG, Damon and Bonnie scenes, yay!!!
    So glad Mason is back to cause trouble. LOL

  • Sarah

    I hope Lexi can reunite Stefan and Elena she was the one who helped him before so she can do it again in episode 6 there were definately scenes of old stefan back i do like the bad stefan but i want him to be old stefan again now :-) 

  • Eclipsegirl

    I agree I love the old Stepen and Elena. If Katherine is still alive after being Michaels snack, Damon can have her (for the Delena fans!!!!

  • the vampire diaires

    I LOVE LEXI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the vampire diaires

    “When I kill someone, their supposed to stay dead”
    Btw I hope damon and elena kiss in this episode!! :D

  • Vict0ria

    is katerine dead now or not??

  • ME

    dont want katherine to die, it was a pretty sure heavy scene when michael ate her =(

  • criss

    no thanks…delena fans want delena;p

  • criss

    i like lexi torturing stefan:xhe deserves it
    damon is so funny omg:x
    jeremy and anna:x:x:x:x love them
    stefan can have lexi if he wants or rebekah or katherine but elena belongs to damon

  • Iluvkatherine

    tell me about it.. xx

  • Katherine all the way

     I bloody WELL HOPE NOT!!
    when is the “original doppleganger” going to come in?

  • lisa

    isn’t she dead?

  • stelena for eva

    yas lexi is bak  i knew she would kick stefans butt for being bad

  • Anonymous

    Stephan has changed a lot, and I don’t like that!!! :((
    I mean, he is being rude all the time!! And I am a delena fan, but I miss the old Stephan and I also miss Stelena!!!!!! When I watched episode 6, when he saved her, I was like…why????why????why didnt he kiss her….BUT I also like the new Damon…!!
    and I kinda don’t like the new Tyler….he is…wierd…..:0
    I just HATE klaus….and his sister….

  • lovelovelove

    THIS IS GONA BE AMAZINGGGG. hope Mikael kill Klaus so that Stefan will be back to the old him. hehe

  • TVDfanNOW

    And If Mikael don’t wanna realy kill Klaus? And if he thinks that Klaus killed his family and Mikael will make the same thing as Elijah and run away with Klausss???

  • DelenaKISS

    Cause they had the 1920′s flashbacks and Mikael wanted to kill him and his sister Rebekah! Mikael realy wants to kill Klaus, and every vampire that he saw

  • figi

    i’m so gonna love the next episode..! :)
    lexi is one hell of a cool good vampire..she’s sweet but strong..go lexi! kick stefan’s ass and bring him back to elena’s arms.. :)

  • figi

    i’m so gonna love the next episode..! :)
    lexi is one hell of a cool good vampire..she’s sweet but strong..go lexi! kick stefan’s ass and bring him back to elena’s arms.. :)


    i think Lexi is draining the human blood out of Stefan’s body.. but there’s alot of pain involved, i think since Lexi is a Vamp / Witch she will be able to figure something out to fix Stefan.. after all that i think Stefan will end up being the old him ..and him and Elena will be together , i also think bonnie and Damon will end up together or bonnie and Matt , and Rebekah + Tyler.. Damon is in deep trouble with some ghosts i bet Stefan will play apart in helping him . I honestly don’t think Michael will kill Klaus , especially because that would be boring , i dont think the producers will just kill off Klaus just like that.. im pretty sure michael will try and kill Elena , Since she is the key to the Hybrid Species ..He will want to piss of Klaus , he might want to be the only hybrid left.

  • Stamon

    “And when I kill someone, they’re supposed to stay dead!”
    Damon’s just too cool. :D He always gets the badass comments. I love ripper-Stefan and I love “warrior-Elena” it’s just great and I hope Stefan won’t be fixed soon. Damon though could use some of his old baddy attitude. I don’t like how emotional he’s getting, he’s going too soft. Where’s his recklesness? I wished the CTV wouldn’t explore this whole triangular relationship as much as the books do, and would find Damon his own girl, ’cause it ruins Damon’s wonderfully untypical character. Either way, what’s most interesting is the Salvatore brother dynamic, it’s just fascinating, I wish they’d concentrate more on that! That’s why I loved season 2.

  • the vampire diaires

    Lexi is not a vamp/witch!
    She’s a vamp/ghost!

  • Jess

    I reallly hope Stelena get back together soon!