‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 6 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Promo

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October 14, 2011

What a game changing episode The Vampire Diaries just delivered! Klaus is locked and loaded, Tyler’s a hybrid and Elena is wretched, while Jeremy and Katherine awaken Michael, the vampire who hunts vampires! Next week’s episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will undoubtedly be just as epic, answering a few of our cliffhangers ;) Sound off below with your comments about tonight’s episode!!!

  • Lakum

    Don’t like the evil Stefan at all. Hate that Elena is watching Stefan becoming a  monster & getting closure to Damon. Stefan come back.

  • Carissa

    I hated the episode. It just feels like there’s continuous trauma and misery without anything to show for it. 

  • Priya12

    then stop watching the show!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MissSharlah Sharla Mary Ann

    LOVED :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/MissSharlah Sharla Mary Ann

    LOVED :)

  • AboAbelen

    LOVED IT!!! just when you think that it cant get any better, it does!!! i do love stefan but im also thriving off the elana and damon scenes :) all the guys on this show are just so dam HOT! and next week looks like itl be a goodie too!! 

  • http://twitter.com/patriciadugger Patricia

    Oh i love, love, LOVED this episode. I’m seriously digging ripper Stefan and the more they reveal about Klaus, the better. I really love him, he’s become one of my favorite characters on the show and his character is probably the most deep out of all of them. They’re also increasing Stefan’s character depth which I REALLY appreciate because LJ Smith never did that in the books. Although, I wonder when we’ll discover more about Damon’s past. When you think about it, we honestly don’t know much about it. Anyway, I really love the direction they’re taking this show.

  • Team Damon all the way! :D

    Episode 5 was amazing!!
    Delena is getting closer :D

  • Lybbie

    episode 5 was way beyond my expectations. ha, is it only me or stefan got hotter?

  • Bonnie

    WOW! I knew that episode was going to be mind blowingly epic, but i just had no idea!! I can already tell im not going to like Michael AT ALL. A vampire who hunts vampires… sounds like a douche. LOL Cant wait for the next episode!!! I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES 

  • Laura

    I LOVED EPISODE 5!! Damon and Elena is getting closer, and Stefan has been compelled to not care! Yay!

  • Taylor

    Love how they’re making Damon the good guy now! Hopefully we’ll see a little more something something ;) between Elena and Damon now that Stefan just doesn’t care what so ever.
    On another topic, can they honestly copyright the name of the episode? Considering, Smells like Teen Spirit is in fact a song by Nirvana…


    Michael sounds so awesome. The fact that KLAUS ran away by the very mention of his name is just spine tinglingly fantastic. I hope to see more delana action too and klaus just running like frightened hybrid unlike damon who would never run away. Because he’s AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Discomima19

    what will hapen next and next and then later….stefan has done so bad things in front of elena´s  eyes..and shes kind of getting closer to damon…but even if shes not, how will she love stefan the same way again?..because i suppose that stefan and elena will end up together cause even if we want delena she´ll be with stefan…but what about everything bad that stefan has done, will she just forgive him? and there is no excuse not even klauses compulsion on stefan..im really curious what the movie will bring us to make everything clear then…cause i know that elena loves stefan so much, but will she be able to be with him?to trust him again??i cant imagine and see stefan and elena to be as nice couple again as they were before..its like in our life.once someone breaks our trust its not the same anymore. will stefan just apologize and try to change?..i think it wont be enough..then elena should realize that damon would never hurt her:and he was stil there for her..))).:) just thinking too much about:)

  • Sarah

    Don’t like evil Stefan either I really want him and Elena to get back together although the other characters storylines are brilliant i think that Stefan and Elena’s love make the show, I do love Damon also but think he is not suited with Elena, and don’t think Elena will give up rescuing Stefan.

  • Sarah

    I completely agree i am a huge Stelena fan and want them back together :-)

  • jm20w

    I love delena!! :D

  • jm20w

    I love delena!! :D

  • T.S.

    I dont like that Stefan is completely off right now,but, i do want to see more of elena and damon before it goes back to stefan and Elena

  • Clare

    Does everybody just forget all the bad that Damon has done???? He’s broken her trust on countless occasions..Just sayin

  • Goldenrose

    Loveee this season so far! It’s getting more and more exciting! Really hope elena and damon are getting together. Like the dark Stefan so much more than old stefan..

  • barb

    It looks like Delena’s finally coming… I’m so excited about it!!!! :)

  • Jazmine

    I love the vampire Coates Lexi elijah and mason will be back for episode 8 don.t know if it’s flash backs though.:-/ & stelena fan. I didn’t know it until Stefan prove himself. :,( & :-)

  • Jazmine

    I ment to say diaries typo.

  • ur lover000

    i soooooooooooooooooo want stefan back i hate damon
    how can he get close with elana after everything stefan did for him 

  • Discomima19

    yes hes done a lot bad things.but its damon..he never pretend what hes like.they know hes bas or he wass bad..but hes trying to be a good guy..im not trying to say that stefan was pretending something.just, its nice when we can see damon doing nice things….and if i can add…yes maybe damon broke hero trustworthy and has done much worse things butterfly it still hurts more from people ho we love they most..and elena loves stefan a lot…so maybe its harder for her to see stefan like that.

  • Discomima19

    yes hes done a lot bad things.but its damon..he never pretends to be someone else..he is himself..they know hes bad or he was bad..but hes trying to be a good
    guy..im not trying to say that stefan was pretending something.just, its
    nice when we can see damon doing nice things….and if i can add…yes
    maybe damon broke her trust and has done much worse things
    buty it still hurts more from people who we love the most..and
    elena loves stefan a lot…so maybe its harder for her to see stefan
    like that.

  • criss

    yey delenaaa real close hope soo…we need at least a kiss next episode…love the dark side of stefan/kind of makes me want him with katherine:x


    Okokokok, Lemme start by saying GREAT EPISODE! & I Just Dont know how the wirters do it. I was soo unedge the whole way through and i swear my face was like 3inches away from the screen when i was watching it haha. & Ermmm Someone tell me that FORWOOD is going to last? Coz ive got a feeling that caroline isnt happy with the change :( & Gotta Say Tyler as a Hybrid is SEXY ;) & Does this mean that he’s invincible now? like klaus? & does anyone think that tyler might be the next villain? because of his new powers? & whatever happens they better NOT kill Him!! 
    & FORGET STELENA OR DELENA, IM DIGGIN KLELENA!! I dont know why but i really think they should make klaus get with elena some how, coz that would be sexy ;) & Rebecca is such a BITCH omg lol bt she’s funny at the same time, i giggled when she said told elena the original dopple ganger was much prettier haha. & MY LOVE FOR KLAUS IS INCREASING! I know that i should hate him, he’sbad blah blah, bt i cant help but love him :o & he’s irresistably sexy ;) i really feel for him :( he just doesnt wanna be alone :( & im a bit confused about matt, is he a supernatural being now? how can he see & hear vicki? or was it just a one-off thing. & Going Back To The Delena Scene, I thought it was Adorable! & I just dont care about the ripper stefan now, he’s like a completely new character to me :/
    & To finish off, I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT EPISODE! Michael better be a hot character too :D, but he seems oldish looking :/ & MICHAEL U CAN KILL REBECCA BUT DONT YOU DARE HURT MY KLAUS :)

  • Mishel

    Is it just me or anybody else   here who noticed a different view of delena thing: i like stefan and elena together but i prefer delena more.. when stefan was a good guy with elena, i still wanted elena and damon to be together..because their relationship was so passionate and dynamic.i´ve kinda expected that Elena will willingly choose between them both.but now it seems like she doesnt have a big choice…even if we know that she still wants stefan and shes gonna wait for him no matter what….but now when Damon can get her  its not that dynamic…two brothers were fighting for her love..but now stefan doesnt fight..he doesnt care or hes trying not to care…we see delena  always togetheer..i dont know maybe i just see it that way..but as it says: The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest…now i see it differently..

  • TVD

    it would be much more exciting if damon and stefan were fighting for elena….the dynamics from  that trio is lost..i miss that.i hope it will come back soon.i dont like careless stefan

  • http://twitter.com/missLilmel carmela salvatore

    episode 5 was epiicccccc    

  • http://twitter.com/nadiatahir nadia tahir

    i feel so bad for stefan it isnt his fault. Damon is love but stefan deserves elena

  • Justinwong907

    My  name is Justin Wong and I’m a boy who loves this show. Does that make me gay? Its just so gggggggggggoooooooooooooddddddd.

  • Justinwong907

    GO Delena. Where do you live?xxxxxx

  • Rhiiban

    I personally want either elana to become a vampire and her “death” to re-flip stefans switch, and for her to then want nothing to do with him, or for SOMETHING terrible to happen to her (but she lives) and for stefan to care but for her to not want anything to do with him.   im sick of it always being the girl who gets hurt and has to struggle through things so hopefully we’ll see stefan getting hurt. i personally vote for damon, not only is he hotter-hes also a badass with a heart, and lets face it, who doesnt want a guy like that?

  • TehTeh B

    if you cant respect other people’s opinions then the whole 12 of you should leave the website…deal?

  • Team Damon all the way! :D

    D: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm  thats creepy


    YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DAMON :D


    MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!? :O







  • DJ

    Actually, in real life, people hurt us really bad and we think we can never trust them again, no matter how hard they try and how much we want to. It’s easy to think that what’s broken can never be fixed, but sometimes something bigger happens and slowly we go forward, the past no matter how bad, becomes less of an issue. I think it’s going to take a long time during which Stephan will have to prove himself after the compeltion is over (and yes, I’m sure it wil be). A lot will happen and Elena will eventuall fall back in love with him, especially that what he did was under completion. It may not excuse it, but it’ll make it easier to, well not exactlly forgive, but to remember less.

    I REALLY feel bad for Damon, I’ve always loved and seen his kind side despite the bad boy act, but I’m on the Stelena team. Katherin, despite her selfishness really loves Stephan and is willing to sarafice the one thing she put before all else -herself, for him. I really hope her goodness will show more and her love will shift to Damon. I’d love to  see her and Damon fall -back?- in love, just as Stephan and Elena fall back too.

  • Nikki

    Stefan needs to leave Mystic Falls, I totally loved him with Elena but Damon and Elena have a deeper connection that needs to be relished in !

  • Arthur

    when are tyler and jeremy going to get it on?

  • John

    i agree. we need some comic relief or something.

  • Mz Lynnie14

    i totally disagree damon and elena look hotter together. im glad it turned out this way. i hope it doesnt go back lol

  • TVD addict

    why watch the show when you have nothing good to say about it…..priya12 was right….carissa should stop watching the show if she have nothing good to say about it OR if she didn’t like it at all

    P.S. this is also just an opinion – so please respect this as well…:)

  • TVD addict

    STEFAN and ELENA….but yeah, Michael sounds awesome…hehe

  • Kk

    i totally agree i love stefan and hate elena with damon:( i want thing to go back to normal

  • Ilovevampirediaires

    that is creepy justinwong907!!!!!stalker

  • criss

    katherine and damon?…hell no…why go threw all that when she obviouslly loves stefan more and maybe she can redeem herself in his eyes now that he s done so much evil…damon and elena all the way(she’s his salvation)

  • criss

    yeah i mean they are kind of dragging it a little too much …but i thought there was no switch a least that is what rose said to damon…i understand that stefan was compelled to not care but i don t understand how will he get bac to carring without klas compelling him…i loveeeee damon and i miss badass damon a lot

  • Sassystudes


  • Stamped97

    HECK NO!

  • SMITH65


  • justafan

    I WANT STELENA BACK SO BAD.. respect that..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000761415450 Sigita Žegunyt?

    i want stefan and elena together!! But him being bad is HOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! :D

  • Sarah62598

    Well all i got to say is i hope the couples stay the same! I think caroline and tylor are the best couple on this show and stephan and elena are next, and to tell the truth i dont care who ends up together as long as thoughs two couples stay the same……..!

  • Sarah

    well to me elena should forguve him because all the things hes done is to protect and save DAMON and Elena!!!

  • Sarah62598

    Totally agree!!

  • Sarah62598

    You took the words rite out of my mouth…

  • Ssarah62598

    I also really hope that tylor being a hybrid wont change the way caroline feels about him nor him towards her

  • Natasha

    He’s hotter because we can see more of his character’s layers now :) Thanks for posting!!

  • Natasha

    He’s hotter because we can see more of his character’s layers now :) Thanks for posting!!

  • cassidy

    it makes me happy he’s going evil but we all have our on opinions i just would die if damon and elana never got together D: 

  • Michellestahlman

    Stefan and Elena r so much better 2gether then Elena with Damon! :D

  • Michellestahlman

    Stefan and Elena r so much better 2gether then Elena with Damon! :D

  • Michellestahlman

    Stefan and Elena r so much better 2gether then Elena with Damon! :D