‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 4 “Disturbing Behavior” Photos

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September 30, 2011

The CW has released a batch of fabulous episode stills for next Thursday’s all new episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Disturbing Behavior”. Rebecca gets acclimated to 2011, while Damon proves he’s still Damon by making a snack out of someone. I wonder who it could be? Thoughts :)?

  • Masharma45

    i hate stefan he is such a dog!! who is drevin by women beauty !!! i Love you damon!! elena shoudl go for damon instead of stefan ! he  betrayes her!! i thought that stefan was good but he isn’t damon is the one who is the bst! <3 <3 u damon

  • Gina-ok8

    ax i love them!! caroline and tyler !!! they’re so beautiful!!! i love caroline’s dress !!! Damon bits bill!!! ouououou !!! forwood!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    No stefan all the way, he only changed like this to save damons life so… and catherines back, wonder what shes up to and whos blood did damon drink?;) 

  • delena!

    I just hope that Damon didn’t bit Alaric…
    Cause in the promo it seemed that their were fighting…
    Sorry for my bad english…
    I’m from Sweden! :)

  • ….

    Damon please cut your hair -_-

  • http://twitter.com/#!/natashafine Natasha

    I’m pretty sure Damon is snacking on Caroline’s Dad, Bill. Thanks for posting!!!

  • tvd_fan

    i’m guessing that ‘snack’ of Damon’s was Caroline’s Dad…

  • tvd_fan

    n again i’m throwin’ another guess,maybe the two on the bed kissing were Tyler n Carol again…figuring from their hairstyle…n i love that scene… <3



  • Mari wollsch

    Wath is miss with his hair?????????????

  • http://twitter.com/murdermushroom jjjjanina?

    i think he drink caroline’s dad’s blood. Pics show that. Shirt is same. 

  • http://twitter.com/murdermushroom jjjjanina?

    Yap. Stefan sucks so bad  !!:D 

  • Raj_singh588

    stefan is the boss..i guess he will be able to free up nw..

  • http://twitter.com/alexmathayes KaMrAnAhMeD

    watching vampire diaries is like watching childrens drama version of True Blood… confusing and pathetic storyline…. True Blood is fast paced and lots of interesting storylines.
    Main vampire characters can walk in the sun, witches that are supposed to be powerful but can’t do shit when it comes to it.
    first Kalus wanted to awake his werewolf side, oops something gets messed up, then he tries to create hybrid… again oops something messed up or missing… grow up and get a good storyline.
    in each and every episode there is some stupid function in mystic falls, so many flashbacks and present making the plot even more confusing.
    Lastly Idiotic Damon becomes bad, becomes good, becomes bad again, becomes good again..goes on and on and on… decide damon WTF u wanna be. Elena always trying her best to get into trouble by doing some idiotic shit as always. Slow paced storyline with almsot ok acting.

  • Alvansickle

    I REALLY like Rebecca! I couldn’t stand Elena so I’m glad this show has a new female!

  • TeamDamonXxX

    Stefan has always sucked – not just in this season! Everyone on ‘Team Stefan’ is finally realising what us ‘Team Damon’ers have known since Season 1… Damon is awesome and Stefan is a douche bag!


    Hey woah guys. Its a show, its just how the story goes, thats what makes it a thriller show thats what makes it an amazing show ever made. There is a reason why Stefan is doing this and acting this way. Stefan must still care for Elena deep down inside his heart and we ALL know that. He’s just keeping her alive and tryna keep her happy without her following her. And again It’s just how the story goes there is going to be a happy eneding so don’t skip to conclusions just like that. If you don’t like the story talk to the author of Vampire diaries. Just watch the freaking show you so called TVD fans. 

  • Claire07xx

    team stefan all the wayyyyy

  • Claire07xx

    all you haterz hating on stefan when his the nicer one out of the brothers…. remember what damon done in season 1 and 2!  i love stefan

  • Claire07xx


  • Claire07xx

    i love PAUL WESLEY

  • Claire07xx


  • emma.b

    yaa its getting sorta long :/ aint as hot

  • Claire07xx

    stefan all the way

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marry-Lina/100002905993114 Marry Lina


  • Ashley

    As a fan of both TVD and True Blood, I actually think that TVD is a much better show overall. I’ve loved True Blood since it started, but it has been progressively getting worse over the seasons, with the exception of Season 4, which I loved.  Season 3 absolutely sucked, imo. There are way too many storylines going on in TB that I don’t even care about (for example, the whole Arlene’s baby story and Sam/Tommy story that just bore me out of my mind.) Unlike the books, which I really enjoyed, the show just keeps trying to push the envelope with gore and sex, but mediocre plot lines. The Vampire Diaries, however, keeps me engaged in every episode and never fails to surprise me with the developments and complexities of the characters. I’m interested in all the characters and how their story lines unfold.

  • Anonymus… :)

    Everyone needs to just shut up bout whos better. both of the brothers are good in their own way. if only u ppl would LOOK past the other things or at least read the books!!! so annoying u so called TVD fans