‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 22 “The Departed” BTS Photo

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April 25, 2012

I’ve already spoiled that there will be a big, shocking death in the season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries, “The Departed”. Now the CW has released a behind the scenes photo of Nina Dobrev underwater, no doubt filming the flashback scene of her adoptive parent’s death. The question is, could this flashback be triggered by Elena’s own descent toward death? Or will it be triggered by the death of someone close to Elena? We won’t have to wait long, May 10th is just 3 short episodes away. However, until then tell your thoughts and speculation!!

  • Andy Ass

    Jeremy is going to die or maybe less likely become a vampire.

  • T.

    Maybe Elena dies and becomes a vampire, and when she’s dying she like sees these flashbacks of her life you know?! 

  • Team Damon <3

    What if Elena did die? I mean like really died, not ’becoming a vampire’ died. THAT would be shocking. Wonder what the show would be like without her.

    Maybe we would ship relationships like:
    OR….Damon and Caroline?

    Or maybe Damon and Stefan would fight over Klaus or something. I mean, it’s Vampire diaries…Anything can happen, right?

    yes, I’m kidding. Elena won’t die, and I don’t think that Damon and Stefan will turn gay.

  • VampDude

    I think he may become a Vampire considering that Steven stated that he would be returning next season.

  • VampDude

    I think he may become a Vampire considering that Steven stated that he would be returning next season.

  • Cindymoore2004

    alaric will die, jeremy will turn, Klaus will be stopped from taking elana by brother E (can’t remember how to spell it) and I thing baby bro colin will die too

  • Nicole

    Maybe Damon dies and Elena freaks and has Bonnie do some witchy spell that takes Elena’s soul and gives it to Damon. Then Elena turns into a vampire and Damon is a human. Basically what happened between Elena and uncle John last season.

    That would be very cool and romantic. And would completely change the show

  • miimii

    In the books. Elena becomes a vampire, by drowning if I remember correctly. So this is perhaps what happens here, her car goes off the bridge, she has flashbacks of her parents and other stuff, and then she dies/becomes a vampire..whatever. We all know however Elena dies, shes not going to be gone for long.

  • Janelle

    I Think that elena should become a vampire finally in the end of season 3 and it should be a cliffhanger

  • Delena

     Don’t forget if Alaric dies, so does elena….