‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 15 “All My Children” Sneak Peek #1

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February 10, 2012

The CW already released a spoilery sneak peek for next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “All My Children”. The clip features Damon and Stefan having a little discussion about who gets Elena. They should go over like a lead balloon. What are your thoughts fellow TVD fans?

  • Delena<3

    I wonder if Stefan has stopped drinking human blood. 

  • Danib2297

    This show should be called the Elena Diaries.

  • Karenina

    Dear me, Stefan’s starting to go back to the old boring Stefan. I knew rippah Stefan wouldn’t last forever but still.. In my opinion the character Stefan shined the most when he was off the rails, wild and not bound by anything. I am sure that by the end of season 3 he will have gone back to his old self and Elena will probably give him a second chance and they’ll start over..

    Poor Damon! Go find yourself another woman, one that truly loves you! Elena will always put Stefan first, that’s the glum reality!

  • fuzzymustache

    I am really pissed off at damon…. and DAMN SAM SOMBODY KILL REBEKAH

  • Mileycyrus_1994

    Delena Must Happen now as she’s gonna show shes totaly jealous of what damon did with Rebekkah last night !!

  • Swt_lknbaybee

    You guys can’t blame Elena for having mixed feelings and jumping on Damon like that last episode. Damon practically throws himself at Elena even when she and Stefan were a couple. You know how  much that hurts to know that you’re brother is in love with your girlfriend and constantly trying to pursue her? Damon was being selfish and they way he slept with Rebekah…like dude if you want to prove your love to Elena stop sleeping with other girls. Like in season 1, Emily Bennett witch told Stefan, “you’re heart will always be pure”…..Damon’s is not, he’s impulsive and controlling sometimes! Elena is still in love with Stefan and Stefan is too ….he’s just scared and worried, that’s all!

  • Delena!!!

    I KNOW RIGHT!!! Dang Damon if u love Elena U might wanna stop JUMPING REBEKAH’S BONES!!!!! dam i hate Rebekah

  • fuzzymustache

    This is really random but am I the only one who realized that they haven’t written in there diaries for the past two seasons…. and the show is still called Vampire DIARIES!!!?!!? thats a little weird :P

  • Delena<3

    Yeah, I’ve also thought a lot about that… But I guess soon there is going to be some drama involving Elena’s diary. But don’t forget that Elena and Damon read Stefan’s diary in this season. However, it’s a little wierd that they haven’t had anything about Elena’s diary this season… 
    Bonnie gave the library Elena’s diaries after Elena died in the books… So maybe if Elena “dies” (fake death, in that case) then maybe the other characters will read a little of Elena’s diary. That would be cruel, but interesting. 

  • Delena<3

    Well… To me personally sex and love isn’t the same thing. Of course I wouldn’t sleep with someone if I was in a relationship, though. What I’m trying to say is that Damon was really drunk and hurt to the bones. How would YOU feel if the girl you love always loved your brother more, even though YOU love her more than your brother? Well, you would wish you could forget about her. So if you were able to forget about the person that hurts you so much for only a little time, wouldn’t you do it? You don’t think that she would even care that you sleep with someone else. Because you don’t feel anything for this girl. She is after all only a tool to help you forget her… 
    So what I’m trying to say is that Damon didn’t mean to hurt Elena, he probably thought that she wouldn’t even care… Try to imagine how Damon must feel after all this time without love. His father loved Stefan, but not him. No mother. His brother wenr crazy after being turned into a vampire and stopped loving him too. The girl he loved (Katerina) didn’t love him as much as she loved his brother. He has no real friends (maybe Alaric) and he had to compell a girl to love him untill she was killed by his brother. Then he falls in love with a girl that ALSO loves his brother more than him. 
    Seriously… If I were Damon I would be on medication. xP. 

  • Delena<3

    Yes… Can somebody please kill Rebekah??? Matt, or maybe Katerina, or Elena maybe? It would be epic if Damon staked her after sleeping with her… But I know he won’t do that in the new episode. 

  • Delena<3

    I think Stefan is going to have a setback sometime soon. He is going to give Elena some new hope and then ruin it again. Julie Plec said that Stefan was going to be “Rippah Stefan” as long as they could keep it going… 

    I also think that if Damon keeps waiting that Elena will start loving him some more… And it’s kinda wonderfull that Elena feel anything for Damon. Think about all the people he has killed (including her brother). Not that Elena mind killers as boyfriends, though. Isn’t that right Stefan? 

    And keep in mind that people can’t always chose who they want to love. And it isn’t enough that the other person love you, you gotta love the person back… And Andy loved Damon… kinda… But that wasn’t enough for Damon. It was a good try, though. 

  • Delena<3

    They never bring up Elena’s diaries anymore, though. It is more about Stefan’s diaries than Elena’s… But it is all about Elena in the end. 

  • Clara

    STELENA <333333333