‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3 Episode 14 “Dangerous Liaisons” Photos

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January 19, 2012

EW  has released a gorgeous set of images from the February 9th episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Dangerous Liaisons”.

Mystic Falls is known for its town events, and this one, a formal ball held at Klaus’ newly renovated mansion in the Feb. 9 episode ”Dangerous Liaisons,” appears to have had the biggest budget. But what do we have here… ”Are they getting along? Or are they fighting?” executive producer Julie Plec asks coyly. ”All we can say is that after a season of physical distance, they’re dancing.”

Be sure you also check out the sneak peek video, as well as all three promo videos for episode 14, “Dangerous Liaisons”.

  • Princesstati101

    i am a stelena fan and i meant to put stelena but i was in a sarcastic mood lol guess that didnt go over well geez lol but elena and damon were never twin flames they never had any connection in the book they just lust one another and there are as many fans for stelena as they are delena 

  • TVD :)

    Klaus likes caroline but somehow she doesnt. Theres a video of joseph/klaus revealing that someone caught his eyes.

  • Team Stelena

    Thank you thank you thank you Julie Plec!! Your comment on Stelena is restoring my hope of them becoming one again. Cant wait to see this episode!!

  • Team Stelena

    No way! Stefan gave himself to Klaus to save Damon. For his brother to move in on his girl fter everything he has done for him is just not going to happen. Stefan and Elena’s love goes beyond everything and they will get back together eventually. We all know where Elenas heart is “it will always be Stefan” her words not mine!

  • Chrystallasavva92

    i agree… stefan and elena are so cute together… 

  • ms.salvatore

    omg when does the original double-ganger come !
    and Klaus and Caroline  <3 honestly all i want is for klaus to have a love interest hes just soo hot and all hes wants is to have a family and to be loved <3

  • Chrystallasavva92

    why all prefer Damon and elena together??? why all forgot what damon do??? he kill jeremy and didn’t now about the ring… Stefan is like that because of klaus ……

  • Stelenaa <33

    Is That Elena, or that`s Katherine [Picture 1 of 10]

  • Klarolina <33

    They (Producers) couldnt kill klaus if they wanted to, they would loose a lot of viewers.
    so klaus will never dies, he will prob turn good and the rest of his family will be the villians. oh and i like stefan more as a villian.

  • damon<3

    THis such a great pic of damon and elna

  • Overbeckc

    omg did you miss episode 11?

  • Overbeckc

    i think elena and I would look good together

  • Overbeckc

    or Rebeccah

  • Overbeckc

    actually I wouldnt mind Rebeccah and Elena

  • G.TVD

    Stefan surrendered to Klaus to save his brother and everything he has done is because of his love for Elena. Damon and Elena i think is quite obvious that the do not belong together. I think and that the producers are also convinced that stefan belongs with Elena, and that’s why in season 3, while Stefan was away Elena and Damon weren’t together officially, they only exchanged one kiss and we can easily tell that Elena misses being with her true love, Stefan by the expressions and her lines ,at least until this episode. Problems between the couple and Damon trying to get in the way serve anxiety and raise expectations of the audience, but i think that stefan will end up with Elena. Let’s hope that the relationship of Ian and Nina doesn’t get in the way :)

  • Nonoza

    that’s exactly the kind of twisted thing Klaus wud do!

  • anj

    where could i possibly watch vampire diaries from season 3 epi 14 and onwards? please help. thanks. :)