Season 6 Episode 3 Welcome To Paradise

'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Episode 01 "Birthday" Sneak Peek, Plus Ian Talks Damon's Intentions

Ian Somerhalder spoiled to Zap2it about what Damon's intentions are where Stefan and Elena are concerned.Plus,  there's also a delicious sneak peek at episode 01 of The Vampire Diaries, "Birthday".

"Damon knows this cycle with his brother," Somerhalder tells us. "He's seen it before, totally. He says to Elena, 'Stefan's not coming back. Not in your lifetime.' I mean, she's young, but human beings only live maybe eighty years. For Stefan and Damon, that's nothing. Unless Klaus rips their hearts out, they're going to live for another thousand years." Ian goes on to say, "I don't think that Damon's focus is really to save Stefan, because he understands that if Stefan doesn't want to be found, he's not going to be, and in some weird way Damon respects that. He's been there, too, not very long ago."

"I do, a lot, but I realize that there are ebbs and flows," Somerhalder explains. "This is a hundred-episode arc of a character, and he can't just be one dimensional. I was worried that Damon was becoming this hero, and Kevin [Williamson] said 'No, he's not the hero. He needs to be, but he's the anti-hero, because he's supposed to be not hurting people, but that's not his nature.' So he slips, and his response is 'Screw this.' Now, I think that struggle, that push and pull for Damon is what's going to make this season interesting for me as an actor and interesting for Damon as a character. I don't want to lose that quote-unquote 'bad' side of Damon. You're not going to see Damon crying this season. Trust me."

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