Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers What's in store for Caroline now?

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers What's in store for Caroline now?

The season premiere of the "Vampire Diaries" has aired and after the latest episode "Brave New World", it's official Caroline has fully transitioned into a vampire.

Well, there goes Bonnie's possible love interest. As part of her tumultuous adjustment Caroline feasted on a couple of Mystic Falls residents, but overall acclimated to her new universe pretty well.

In an interview with The New York Post producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec talk about their decision to make Caroline a vampire and where the character will go from here. They also dished about some upcoming season 2 spoilers.

"One of the things Julie and I both struggled with last year were the supporting characters," Williamson said. "Everyone seemed to zero in on the love triangle and anyone involved with the supernatural world had a lot of story. We struggled to incorporate any human in the dark into the story. We want humans in the show, but we needed an element that would involve the other supporting characters."

So, will Caroline survive the season? Said Plec:

"Caroline could die in any episode – she is doomed. She is absolutely, fundamentally doomed by definition of her own personality and her lot in life. Her mom’s in the council and is the sheriff. She's also a neurotic, jealous busybody who is always putting her foot in her mouth and Damon isn’t going to put up with her – so she’s doomed. The question is, how much fun can we have getting her out of those doomed situations and for how long. Because we really, really believe that this character has a long shelf life."

We're glad to hear it. Among other topics and spoilers the duo dished on:

  • The fourth episode will be a flashback.
  • Plec describes the season two theme as "revenge."
  • "There’s nothing but a lot of pain and doom ahead for Damon," said Williamson.
  • Mason Lockwood has many secrets, and the werewolf storyline will play out nice and slowly.